The sexiest film ever?

Published On: 2015-11-11

Author: Ami Cholia

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The sexiest film ever?


Source: Mid-Day

November 12, 2006



That’s what producer Aditya Chopra thinks of his baby Dhoom:2. Stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania and the film’s stars say they’ve got the look


“Hot or cool, you take your pick,” Aishwarya Rai says, of her extremely sexy Dhoom 2 avtaar. We’re, of course, leaning towards even higher degree adjectives. One look at the five sizzling bodies pasted on hoardings across the city, inviting you to come on board November 24, and we’ve more than confirmed our inclination.


“The look has to be fashionable and edgy, yet young and fresh. It helped that the cast was hot to begin with,” says Anaita Shroff Adajania, Dhoom’s stylist who came up with most of their looks.


Producer Aditya Chopra’s brief to the crew was simple: “No holds barred. Do whatever you want to make this the sexiest film ever.” And five chiseled bodies with just enough clothing to more than flaunt them, fit that description to the T. “We convinced the cast that they’d have to tone up to fit into the clothes and thankfully they worked hard at it with their trainers. That was probably the hardest for them.”



The clothes were handpicked from across the world — New York, Durban, Brazil and Bombay, to add that eclectic touch. Though now, you can also own a little bit of Dhoom — the D:2 collection is going to be mass produced and retailed at Pepe outlets across India.


But how wearable are these clothes? “I think they are trendy and wearable. In Brazil, in fact, we were the most over dressed. We make this big deal about bikinis, but what we consider bikinis are something grandmothers wear there. The environment isn’t conducive to wear too many clothes,” she laughs.


Anaita and the stars of Dhoom give us the low down on their look and style statement in Dhoom:2


High street chic


Aishwarya Rai

After years of traditional Indian roles and being Miss Manners, Aishwarya Rai finally sheds both image (literally) and weight for her upcoming film. Says Anaita, “It’s an unkempt, thrown together look. She looks like she could have walked out of the pool or just finished a five km run. It’s stunningly cool, bordering on high street chic. We found a balance between what makes her comfortable and what is sexy.” Her favourite outfit? “A scooped neck black body suit with a grey skirt over it, in the music video of Crazy Kiyare — it’s my tribute to Flashdance,” says Anaita


Aishwarya can’t stop gushing either, “This defines western dressing. The visual impact is racy, the costumes are trend-setting. There’s an outfit for every temperament. Suneri, my character, is sexy but she’s not working at it. I relate to that. The outfits, the way she projects herself, her body language — it’s natural. There aren’t any strong overtones. The clothes become her.”



Hrithik Roshan

We’ve heard that Hrithik has 15 different guises in the film; he’s even dressed as a woman in one scene. And though Anaita refuses to confirm this for us, she describes his look as “street chic, raw sex appeal with a tech twist.” Hrithik says these are clothes he could wear everyday. “Aryan (his character) throws together an outfit and walks out. It’s grungy and relaxed.


But when a heist is planned, he’s slick and dressed to kill. Almost all my gadgets are built into my costumes and are a part of my outfit. Aryan has various buttons that he presses to access his contraptions — he’s his own kind of superhero.” Anaita adds, “In the scene where he’s going between the buses in the promo, we’ve put in magnets into his gloves.


His accessories, like shoes, bags etc morph into other things. Since Hrithik oscillates between being a beach bum and a slick thief — he goes from combat clothes to beach wear. And that’s where the bronze tan comes in.”



Mature, like wine

Abhishek Bachchan

Anaita’s favourite outfit for AB in the film is the Rolling Stones t-shirt he wears in the film’s promo. “Or maybe one of his super sexy fitted shirts. He’s just so hot,” she adds. AB’s style was also the easiest for her to create since it’s a look she had already etched it out in part one. Assistant Commissioner Jay Dixit, though, takes more liberties with his clothes this time around.


In Dhoom, the colour palette was sober; here he’s been given more colour. Says Abhishek, “Jay’s clothing taste is slightly more mature now. You see the introduction of a lot of fitted shirts and half sleeved shirts — something you haven’t seen before. He’s also dropped his glasses and is wearing contacts. We’ve also given him a bit of a stubble to mark a slight variation. I think I got off easy. Anaita likes to give me a layered look so I’ve got to hide all my fat. The rest of the actors had to be conscious of how they looked. But because I play a cop so I can’t be that flamboyant.”



Bipasha Basu

Anaita admits to associating closest with the women since she gets to vicariously live her own shopping trips through the movie. She describes Bipasha as the “boho princess — eclectic, sexy, brazen and fun with fashion”. That’s her in the movie, not real life, though the lines merge sometimes.


Bipasha adds, “The clothes I wore needed a lot of work done — in that I had to work out a lot to look great in them. The outfit I really liked is the one I am wearing in the song Touch Me. It’s a beautiful orange outfit. My character Shonali Bose is a tough cop who works with a lot of men, so the clothes reflect that. You’ll see her in a lot of denims, racer backs, tanks. Simple stuff without any frills and fancies. Boots, sunglasses, jackets thrown on.” On the other hand, Shonali also likes to party and head to the

beach. And that’s when you’ll see her in something feminine or sexy — dresses, bikinis etc. She also loves accessories — so you’ll see lots of baubles, bangles, rings etc.”


Free and easy

Uday Chopra

Says Uday, “I love wearing the costumes for Dhoom. They are so full of life. It’s got the feel of the film. The outfit I wear towards the climax of the film — a black jacket with a purplish vest and jeans is my favourite. In fact, all of us liked it so much we kept it for the climax because it’s the longest continuous scene.”


Uday has become fitter for the film, so there are lots of ganjis, t-shirts, and fewer jackets. His accessories are important and his rings will play are a part in his character. Anaita adds, “Uday’s look is freestyle. It’s hip with a downtown rap. Ali bhai was a mechanic; now Uday is a cop, so his clothes reflect that. He’s fitter and sharper now.”


Fashion trends from Dhoom

• Understated, thrown together looks

• Street, rebellious fashions

• Bronzed look

• Accessories for men and women – from plastic to bling.

• Racer backs

• Combat clothes

• Grunge

• Hotpants


D 2 collection

Now you can wear exactly the same outfits that the stars wear in Dhoom 2. So if you fancy the trendy jeans of Hrithik or the sizzling short skirt of Aishwarya or the cool biker jacket of Abhishek, you can walk into a Pepe Jeans outlet and pick up an outfit from Dhoom:2.

With over 50 different styles, the collection includes worked upon t-shirts and shirts, jeans with unique washes and embellishments, short and cool skirts, stylish cargoes, amazing biker jackets, bandanas and other accessories.


Copy cat

Did Anaita copy Aishwarya Rai’s blue bikini as was reported in the media recently? Anaita says, “I am a stylist, I don’t make clothes, I source them. The two swimsuits were identical. I bought Aishwarya’s from a boutique in Brazil. Someone else could have done the same thing. I didn’t get the swimsuit made from a tailor here — that would be a copy.”



Rock Your Way to Style


Source: IBN

Date: November 12, 2006


Yash Raj has a new tie-up with Pepe called the D2 (Dhoom 2) collection. And after the promos of the film, it’s he clothes are now creating the buzz. So if you fancy Aishwarya Rai's skirt or Hrithik's jeans in the film, you can own one now.


Hrithik Roshan, who plays a hi-tech international thief in the sequel to the 2004 blockbuster Dhoom says, “There are these two sides to his attire, one is a very grunge very casual and the other is dressed to kill.”


Aishwarya Rai, who also plays a thief, is already being talked about for her sexy look in the film. “Take your pick (from the clothes), either it is cool or hot. It is fun, it's very very today and definitely pacy,” she says.


“My clothes are high energy costumes. When I saw it for the first time, I was scared. You have to really work hard to get in shape,” says Uday Chopra. Uday, who played a thief in Dhoom plays Abhishek’s right hand man in the new film.


There is a bare-bodied Bipasha Basu opposite Uday Chopra who adds to the hot quotient of the film. “I had to work out one particular costume,” Bipasha said when asked about her hot look in the film.


Abhishek Bachchan, who was part of the previous biking fantasy ride, plays a cop again in the sequel. When asked about the change in his wardrobe Abhishek said, "I got layered clothes to hide the fat. The others had a tough time. Dhoom 2 concentrates a lot on the look.”