‘Cell’ance is golden!

Published On: 2015-11-14

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Source: Mid-Day

Date: November 15, 2006



The otherwise mild-at-heart Ashutosh Gowariker becomes quite a disciplinarian on the sets of his films. Currently in Jaipur to film his magnum opus Jodha-Akbar, the prolific director has restrained cast members, including Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan, from carrying mobile phones to the sets.


Since his film is a sync sound production, the director fears that even the faintest ring or vibration from a mobile phone will have an impact on the sound. Says a crewmember, “Ashutosh has given strict orders to all the assistants here. He doesn’t want to see any mobiles in the vicinity.”


Making peace


While the shocked cast members were left complaining on the first day, they eventually complied with the director’s terms. So after heavy discussions over this phone menace plaguing actors Rai, Roshan, Sonu Sood, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Ila Arun, they have all decided to leave their phones in the hotel rooms.


A crewmember informs, “It was a collective decision taken by the actors. Initially, they were a little sceptical because they will be away from home for weeks, but now they’ve made peace with their director’s wishes.”


No distractions


Hrithik, who updates himself with hourly reports of son Hrehaan’s whereabouts, has been heard complaining to his fellow colleagues. A source informs, “That’s the father in Hrithik, who can’t do without information about his son. But everyone is a thorough professional and all the actors are co-operating.”


It is also believed that Gowariker didn’t want his actors to get distracted by calls, which would eventually affect the film. Says the source, “Mobile phones are a modern-day curse. Calls often distract and interrupt the flow of the actors’ thoughts while working. Ashutosh has worked very hard on this film, so it’s not unfair to ask his actors to keep their phones at bay.”


When we called Rakesh Roshan to confirm the story, he said he was unaware of Gowariker’s demands. He said, “Usually, Hrithik calls up whenever he’s free to talk. On most days, we connect only in the evening after he’s done with the day’s shoot.”