Dhoom:2's style mantra unraveled

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Dhoom:2's style mantra unraveled


Source: Business of Cinema

Date: November 18, 2006


Perhaps it can be touted as the most awaited film of the year amidst a number of big film releases in Bollywood. We’re talking Dhoom:2, which is due to release next week on 24 November.


The ensemble cast comprising actors like Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan ooze sexuality and their female counterparts – Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu are portrayed as every man’s fantasy!


By the teaser promos and songs glimpses, the movie looks well chiseled and so does its cast.


If you thought Hrithik looked good in Krrish, think again! In Dhoom:2 the actor gives the Greek Gods a run for their money. His skillfully carved look and well toned bare chest matched Aishwarya's slim sleek and tanned body. How can one forget Bipasha's first ever charismatic two piece bikini appearance in a movie?


In a tête-à-tête with, Dhoom:2’s costume designer Anaita Shroff Adajania talks about the style, looks, costumes and attitudes of her actors and clears controversy about the similarity of Ash's costumes to the UK model Keeley Hazell.


"First and foremost it was essential for all my actors to lose their excessive weight and tone up their body, which all of them willingly agreed to. Dhoom is a film, which talks about styling and good looking people," says Adajania.


Pepe Jeans of London has also tied up with the film and introduced a special collection called the D:2 collection that comprises 50 different styles. These styles will be sported by the lead cast of the film. The collection includes worked upon T-shirts and shirts, jeans with unique washes and embellishments, short skirts, cargoes, biker jackets, bandanas and other accessories. The clothes will focus on intricate details, embroideries, styling and fits.





Hrithik Roshan's chilled out attitude, scrunched blonde hair and bare chest revealing through his unbuttoned shirt… a tantalizing sight! But does he sport the bare chest throughout the movie?


"Alas, Hrithik's bare chest has been shown only in one song. Apart from that he is wearing T-Shirts and loose jeans in the entire film, but he looks as smart in those too. Hrithik too has a tanned look in the film, which signifies his raw and carefree nature,” Adajania says.


The aim was to give Hrithik an "ultra cool" look. “We asked him to grow his hair in order to be able to scrunch it. Further, we also streaked his hair it blonde on the tips,” she adds.




Esha Deol's tanned bronze look in Dhoom has a stark resemblance to what has been carried forward to Dhoom:2 in Aishwarya's look.


"Yes, Ash's tanned bronze get up with sun kissed hair does look similar to that of Esha's. But Esha had that look only for the song ‘Dhoom Machale,’ whereas Ash’s look has been retained for the entire movie. Moreover, for the first time you’ll see Ash in short skirts, bikini tops and a tanned look,” says Adajania.


Going further, Adajania explains the controversy surrounding Aishwarya's costumes. “Everybody has to understand that I am a stylist and not a designer. I outsource costumes from various designers to style my actors. These costumes are not exclusively made for me. So when I bought that dress for Aishwarya, Keeley Hazell may have also bought it for herself from that same designer,” she explains.




Abhishek plays a cop in the film and is seen sporting a colourful look in the promos, which is a far cry from a conventional serious looking cop.


Adajania justifies, "Abhishek has a very intense and simple look in the film. However in one song where he is in Rio, we took the liberty to dress him in red. Other than that he is wearing straight cut jeans in the entire film and is seen sporting smart leather jackets when out on duty."




Glam doll Bipasha plays a cop in Dhoom:2. However, this is certainly not her first encounter with such a role. She had earlier played a cop in David Dhavan's Chor Machaaye Shor and Vishesh Films' Gunaah, both of which released in 2002. Nevertheless, her character in Dhoom:2 is certainly not that of just another ordinary female cop. So what's the difference?


Bipasha Basu says, “My character is not like that of a typical Indian cop with her hair tied up, who is dressed in plain clothes. What’s more, three days of eating only oranges, working out three times a day, getting paranoid about whether I am looking fat and shooting in a bikini is not easy. I wanted to be a Cameron Diaz and not Pamela Andersen.”


Adajania adds, "I didn't want Bipasha to wear a plain red or white bikini as it would have looked to dreary on her. So we made her wear a striped bikini with beads on it.”


In addition to that bikini in one scene, Bipasha wears much more in the film. “She wears a lot of denim and racer back vests, which are in black, white and military colours. She is also seen sporting cargoes and a jacket when she is with seniors or giving a presentation. She has also coloured her hair black for this role,” Adajania says.


Bipasha concludes, “The clothes I wear in the film are very me. Since I have been a model I am very comfortable and can adapt to any kind of styling. I let my stylists do what they want. That was very comfortable for Anaita, she was very happy to style me because I did not have too many questions.”


With these intricate styling mantras for each of the cast, Dhoom:2 is sure to make one helluva style statement!




Uday Chopra, whose character in Dhoom was that of a ‘tapori’ mechanic, will now be seen as a cop. Yes, he’s now Bachchan’s right hand man in the police force.


However, with his rise in stature, has the character of Ali grown beyond his ‘tapori’ dressing style?


“Not really! Elements of his ‘tapori’ style have been retained in Dhoom:2, which is very evident because he is still wearing his colourful bandanas. But he doesn't mismatch his clothes as much as he did in Dhoom. He is more streamlined now and shops at better stores,” explains Adajania.


“Since Ali is a cop, instead of giving him the same long hair, we cut it short. We also cut out his jackets and gave him a layered look to make him look leaner. So eventually Ali has gone through a change in look but in essence he is still very much the same,” she adds.