Muscle men, bikini babes

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Muscle men, bikini babes



Source: Telegraph India 

Date: November 29,2006 


Super-cool Hrithik, fall-flat Abhishek, sexy-for-once Ash, body Bips and shirtless Uday... Shradha Agarwal checks out the D:2 oomph quotient 


Hrithik Roshan 

Undoubtedly the best thing about Dhoom 2, Hrithik Roshan as Aryan, the “perfect thief”, manages to capture all eyes — hers and his. Hrithik sizzles, much like Raj in Kaho Naa… Pyar Hai. He is stylish, sexy and oh-so-natural. There’s a dash of hip-hop in the form of relaxed, super-low denims. Something GeneratioNext can totally relate with. (Thank god, he has ditched the fitted, mid-waist jeans.) There is ample influence of street wear — tees under shirts, casual scarves and camouflage prints. Thrown in amidst it all is a sprinkle of metrosexuality. We love his comfort level in those daringly pretty pinks. Lakshya had taught him to experiment with his mane and the ripple effect reaches Dhoom 2, in style. Lots of volume, some natural waves and some more curls, Hrithik has got it just right. And finally, what a bod! He has never looked in better shape. Men went green in the face as the women on their arms couldn’t stop drooling. 


Aishwarya Rai 

She wanted to look “different”. She wanted to look sexy. And so she did, as Sunehri. If in Kajra re she got the oomph factor right with an Indian act, (gravity-defying lehnga and super-plunging choli), in D:2 she dares to bare the Western way. She does look hot, but… She forgot to pull in her breath in the first sexy scene. Military shorts and teeny black sports bra-top is fine. But hello, next time, can she please tuck in her tummy? Convex abs is oh-so sloppy — especially when Ash doesn’t have one. Mini skirts make her long legs look longer; and her cellulite more visible too! Otherwise, what she shows is great to see. Well-toned and well-curved. We like the bikini tops and tiny tennis skirts. All of it is very young, very cool and very, very hip. Her make-up is magical. The sun-kissed look, the creamy blush, the smoky eyes in charcoal and aqua, her wild streaked tresses… And topping it all, her name-defining tan (Sunehri). Ash is hot, but her kiss was cold (a liplock doesn’t mean you keep your own lips locked). 


Bipasha Basu 

Bipasha, as the Bose twins — Shonali and Monali — is all there. Lots of flesh flash amidst lots of sun and sand. Her weight issue had almost reached national-crisis status when both she and John in all their interviews reminded us just how hard she had worked on getting back her body. Now, after all that hype and weight-loss, something else is missing: her natural oomph appeal... Cool cop Shonali has her look worked out, maybe to compensate for the lack of a character-sketch. Drainpipe dark denims, sporty vests and girlie blow-dried tresses… The make-up and accessories are bare and subtle, just like they should be. Beach-babe Monali’s look is very with it, too. Strings of beads in happy hues, red streaks in her hair and a riot of rainbow colours — on her striped bikini, dresses and sarongs. There was not a whiff of vulgarity, even in those they-end-before-they-start numbers. When Bips says she wanted her D:2 look to be “sensual rather than sexual” she knew what she was getting at. But that doesn’t mean she’s not conscious about her body. The spontaneity of Jism is missing as she seems forever aware of the camera ogling her. The famous Bips body is back in shape. Just like her modelling days. Maybe she should make a (re)run for the ramp. With all that celeb status, exposure and grooming, she would surely be a supermodel. 


Abhishek Bachchan 

Why, just why, did AB’s baby do this film? Dhoom took him to all-new heights and sadly, in Dhoom 2 he almost sinks without a trace. “He is looking like Hrithik’s chauffeur,” someone was heard saying at an INOX night show. Abhishek as Jai Dixit was all too awkward. His OTT (over the top) attitude comes a cropper against Hrithik the rage. Lots of black on one hand, lots of florals on the other. A signature style statement was missing. And so conspicuously covered. No body, no show? His stubble was all over the place. Firstly, there was a continuity problem, and secondly it looked messy and way too beardy to be cool. Okay, so cops can be well-dressed too. Can Jai Jr please take some style tips from his father, the original Jai, please? We miss his yellow, tinted shades from Dhoom. Did John take them away, along with all the bikes? 


Uday Chopra 

Mr Monster Muscle crosses the line of law this time and joins Jai Dixit as sub-inspector Ali in the big “A” — Hrithik as Aryan — chase. Maybe he should have picked up a tip or two from hottie Hrithik instead of blindly (and foolishly) chasing him around. Clothes and style all come later, the body has to be drastically worked upon. With no film in hand, Uday is obviously spending all his time in the gym, that too building up. Maybe it’s time to change the trainer, for someone who has heard of the lean look. The blue velvet suit and the ruffled shirt from Touch me. Just not happening. All said and done, at least he provides a few laughs. He’s shirtless, but at best sweet.