Striking a Balance

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Striking a Balance


Source: DNA India 

Date: December 6, 2006 


Sanjay Gadhvai defending himself and Dhoom2 

Dhoom 2 got a mixed response from the audiences 

There is no denying that people were looking forward to the film and a large number have even liked it. For Dhoom, it was word of mouth that worked. While the collections of Dhoom 2 are fantastic from the word go. I would say Dhoom was a punch, Dhoom 2 is a karate chop. 


Many felt that the film lacked a good script. 

Every script has its share of flaws, loopholes and liberties taken by the scriptwriter. People who feel that it lacked a good script must equip themselves a little more on scripts. If a film has high impact, then it's true that the film had a clever script. 


The film failed to meet the hype it generated. 

Please bring me one person who says that anyone at Yashraj even attempted to create hype. None of us did that.We did minimal publicity for the film before the release. It's the press, the media that created the hype. Not that we didn't want it, but we didn't ask for it, or make a conscious attempt at it. After creating hype, the media says the filmdidn't meet the hype. Isn’t that funny? 


The music didn't live up to expectations either. 

Dhoom 2 has better music than Dhoom. The idea was that the music picked up after the film released. The music usually takes time to make its mark. The music album of Dhoom was successful only 6 months after its release. Pritam has done a marvelous job. If too much is expected then you cant help it. In fact the music sales have gone up after the release. 


The film doesn't hold without Hrithik. 

No Dhoom would ever hold without a villain. It relies completely on the villain. Agar chor chori nahin karega, to police kya karegi. We wrote the script, the character only after Hrithik accepted the role. 


The kiss and Bipasha Basu in the bikini were not really required 

I don't think we did anything that was not necessary. I call the kiss scene the gun scene. The kiss was the culmination of the shot. It was an emotional moment between the two characters. There's no better way to show love between them, than a kiss. If I didn't have that scene, the climax wouldn't have made sense. I shot it aesthetically so that I'm not embarrassed if my daughters saw it with me. As far as Bipasha in a bikini was concerned, we had given Esha a makeover in Dhoom.We just continued with the trend of showing cool bodies and hot women. 


The basketball scene lacked originality. 

We are one community.We've all experimented with ideas to make life easier for one another. At the end of the day, all the directors think alike. I was able to use the basketball sequence in my film because I knew that people would relate to it. If Karan Johar had not used the basketball idea in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I would have had to think of something different. 


Refused to make Dhoom 3 

If Aditya Chopra plans to make it immediately next year, then I will not be directing it because the film will not have anything new, creative and exciting for me. It's their franchise, they will make many more Dhooms. I want to do something different. If they make the next Dhoom 2-3 years later, then I'm open to directing it.