Hrithik loves his Chandni!

Published On: 2016-01-30

Author: Sandipan Dalal

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Hrithik loves his Chandni!


Source: Mid-day 

Date: December 29, 2006 


Here’s some more dope from the sets of Jodha Akbar in Jaipur. Director Ashutosh Gowariker, who is presently filming the war sequence, has coaxed Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and Sonu Sood to befriend their respective horses. So it’s not unusual to see the stars taking morning walks with or feeding their four-legged friends these days. A reliable source from the unit informs, “Apart from horse riding lessons, the actors have been asked to develop a bond with their horses. We can’t have the horse trainers in the frame while filming, so it’s better that the actors handle the animals themselves.” 


So how do the actors bond with the four-legged beauties? Apparently, the actors have been carrying carrots, biscuits and gram in their pockets. “The actors are present during the morning feed. Also, they feed the horses with their own hands,” says the source. Hrithik has been riding Chandni, a white horse, while Ash’s black beauty is called Baadal and Sonu has settled for Ratan, a brown stallion. A month-long horse training camp at the Mahalaxmi racecourse preceded the Jaipur schedule of the film. However, Ash didn’t attend the camp and is catching up on her lessons now.


 Says a unit member, “Ash is not new to horse riding. She says she’s done it before. As for Hrithik and Sonu, they’re at ease with their horses now. In fact, both of them are in love with their horses!” Gowariker has acquired 250 horses, 150 camels and 100 elephants for the lavish war sequences. We hear special outfits have been designed for the animals representing the side they belong to on the battlefield. Says a unit member, “The Mughal horses have grey uniforms. On the other hand, the Rajput horses sport orange and green colours. The helpers usually get them dressed and march them out in a row every morning.”