Ashotosh Gowariker is ready with his magnum opus

Published On: 2016-05-29

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Ashotosh Gowariker is ready with his magnum opus

Source: Times Now
Date: Oct 11, 2007

Ashotosh Gowariker, the director of 'Lagaan' is ready with his magnum opus, 'Jodha Akbar'. Amrita Panja of TIMES NOW caught the director in a reflective mood. Here he tells TIMES NOW some stories of behind the scene.

Amrita Panja: From where did you get this courage to make a film as grand and opulent as this?
Ashotosh Gowariker: This is the story which I wanted to make right after 'Lagaan' but at that time I did not have the courage to make it because I thought production wise it needed alot of preparation.

Amrita Panja: Did you ever feel intimidated while making the film considering the fact that period films have not done well in recent times?
Ashotosh Gowariker: Well, I would rather say that contemporary films have not done too well in recent times. I don't think there is anything like period film, contemporary film or historical film. What matters is the story line. If your story works than the genre will also work.

Amrita Panja: Was Hrithik your first choice for the role of Akbar?
Ashotosh Gowariker: Absolutely, Hrithik and Ashwariya were both first choice for the role. Interestingly, at that time there was no 'Krrish' and 'Dhoom 2' so there was no barometer to know whether the pair will work or not. For me they were from the very beginning 'Jodha and Akabar'.

Amriata Panja: Did Ashwariya's wedding and her foreign projects in anyway hamper the progress of the film?
Ashotosh Gowariker: Not at all. While working on the film there were inbuilt gaps within the film because I had to work separatelywith Hrithik and Ashwariya. It was in these in-between gaps that she was working on or even her wedding that took place. Even for Hrithik his advertisements would take place within these inbuilt gaps. So I would say that if there is any delay then the delay is mine.

Ash and Hrithik as Jodhaa Akbar

Source: IndiaFM
Date: Oct 11, 2007

“Keep watching this space as IndiaFM will also reveal the exclusive complete look of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Bachchan very soon”, is what we had promised the last time when we had just shown a sneak peek into the wardrobe of none other than Jodhaa Akbar! And today, as promised, we are keeping our ‘exclusive’ word, we bring to you full fledged dekhho into the same.

Aishwarya in no angle looks like any of what she has done before, neither the Dhoom’s ‘R U checking me out?’ nor the Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’s Nandini. One look at her and you are bound to rush to your history books to recall this face. Such is the impact of her get-up. She does not even have to utter a word, coz’ her mesmerising eyes do all the talking. In short, everything about her is just sooooo perfect!

And as far as Hrithik is concerned, less said the better, coz’ one just cannot improve perfection. All that one can say about this man is that he can not only defy gravity, but also history and its characters! Keeping the exaggeration factor aside, if one has to speak a few words about him, then, the most fitting tribute to this man in this film would be that ‘Akbar has got a face in Hrithik’. All in all, one is simply left wondering if a mere poster can do so many miracles at the same time, imagine what an entire 3-hour movie can do!