Jodhaa Akbar well under three hours

Published On: 2016-06-07

Author: Tushar Joshi

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Jodhaa Akbar well under three hours


Source: Mid-day 

Date: November 6, 2007 


Ashutosh Gowariker denies reports that he has chopped songs to tighten the length of the period film, hurries to complete shooting Most period films have a running time of three hours or more. So, it wasn’t surprising when everyone one heard that Ashutosh Gowariker’s much- anticipated period film Jodhaa Akbar had crossed the three-hour mark. Naturally, there was concern about the length of the film, and the director decided to shorten the film by chopping some songs. There are rumours that Gowariker had chopped two songs — a romantic duet and a qawwali featuring Hrithik and Ash. Sources also added that Ash apparently loved the qawwali and requested Gowariker to let her use Rahman’s composition in another film. 


Ashutosh, however, rubbishes these speculations, “I haven’t chopped any song from the film. It was always supposed to have five songs and that is how it is.” When further questioned about the length of Jodhaa Akbar he adds, “I am not having any problems with the length. This film does not have a cricket match!” Time constraints Ending speculation about the length of the film, the director states, “Jodhaa Akbar is well under three hours.” Keeping in mind the time constraint and the film’s release date in January, Ashutosh has been rushing through to complete filming. He recently shot the last song for the movie at ND Studios, Karjat. “Ash has been shuttling between her Pink Panther shoot and Jodhaa Akbar. In fact, she’s quite excited after seeing the rushes and can’t wait to complete the final schedule.”