Royal support for Jodhaa Akbar

Published On: 2016-07-15

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Royal support for Jodhaa Akbar

Source: NDTV
Date:January 31, 2008

A section of the Rajput community in Rajasthan is opposing Ashutosh Gowariker's yet to be released magnum opus Jodhaa Akbar. They argue that it's historically incorrect to say that Jodhaa was Akbar's wife in fact she was not a Jaipur princess at all but from Jodhpur and wife of Jehangir.

But the royal families of Jaipur and Kishangarh have come out in support of the film and they say there is not much in a name. Akbar's consort was a Jaipur princess and Gowariker only went ahead with the film once they cleared the script and if anybody has any objections it should be them, the closest living relatives of Jodha Bai.

The royal family of Jaipur has pulled out original historical records to prove that Akbar married a Jaipur princess. It was a clever political alliance, which consolidated the Mughal hold over the Rajputs and turned them into allies. The wedding was carried out with great pomp and ceremony on January 20, 1562 at Sambhar, a 100 kms from Jaipur. "We went through the script before he started the movie, the mahurat shot was here. We are the closest relation to Jodha therefore he started with us and if there was anything objectionable we would have not endorsed it," said Maharani Padmini Devi, member, Jaipur Royal family.

"What are they objecting to, the name or is there something else? She was indeed Raja Bharmal's daughter and the sister of Bhagwandas. She was Raja Bharmal's eldest daughter and the aunt of Mansingh. It is a fact," said Maharaja Brajraj Singh, Kishangar Royal family. But Rajput community claims that Jodha was not from Jaipur but from Jodhpur and by distorting history Gowariker is hurting Rajput sentiments.

"Do you have a right to make your own history or change history. Jodha Bai was the daughter of Mota Raja of Jodhpur who wed Salim and became the mother of Shahjahan," said Prof Khangarot. But the Royals of Jaipur and Kishangarh say why were there no the protests over Mughal-E-Azam which was released not one but twice. A Rajput organization, the Karni Sena has threatened to prevent the film from being released in Rajasthan and clearly who was Jodha has now become a debatable issue in Rajasthan.