Jodhaa Akbar cleared by Censor Board

Published On: 2016-07-26

Author: Bharati Dubey

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Jodhaa Akbar cleared by Censor Board


Source: TOI  

Date: February 7, 2007 


Ashutosh Gowariker’s epic romance Jodhaa Akbar has been cleared by the Censor Board with a UA certificate and without any cuts. Scheduled to release on February 15, the Board has asked Gowariker to put a disclaimer on the various names of Jodhabai, and asked him to retain only the name Jodhabai. The director has already inserted a disclaimer in English but he has been asked to put it in Hindi too. It maybe recalled that there has been a debate over the name of Akbar’s queen. 


Some historians state that she was called Harkhabai, Shai Bai and Man Mati, but Ashutosh Gowariker, reportedly, clarified that he consulted the royal family of Jaipur who gave him a clearance to use the name Jodha. Vinayak Azad, the regional officer of the Censor Board, said, “We have advised Ashutosh Gowariker to put an additional disclaimer stating that the historical facts shown in the film are just one version of history and there may be another version.” When asked about the clearance from the Animal Welfare Board as there are a lot of action scenes in the film involving animals like elephants and horses, Azad said, “We have received all the clearances from the Board. We had to issue a UA certificate because of certain battle scenes which showed elephants crushing people,” he added.