Ashutosh Gowarikar questioned?

Published On: 2016-09-11

Author: Pankaj Sabnani

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Ashutosh Gowarikar questioned?


Source: Indiatimes 

Date: February 19, 2008 


Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Jodhaa Akbar has received great responses from the critics and the people who have watched the film. However like any big film, Jodhaa Akbar has also run into controversies. Here is the director clearing the air about the controversies surrounding the film and more. 


The film has still not released in Rajasthan. What do feel about that? 

The film has got a very positive response. I feel very sad the movie has not yet released in Rajasthan. I feel the movie is for the people of Rajasthan as rajkumari Jodha is from Rajasthan itself. I want all the people from Rajasthan and all over the country as well to watch the film. The film is based on the political marriage and how because of the Rajputs there is a change in the Mughals. 


There are a lot of questions on the research made by you in the film. 

I have read a lot of books by the historians on Akbar and the Rajputs. Medieval India by K.L Khurana and Madhyakaaleen Bharat by Hari Shankar Sharma are some of the books which I have referred. In Madhyakaleen Bharat it is written,’ Akbar respected the decision of the king and married his second daughter who is popularly known as Jodhabai .’ There are also a lot of other books which have mentioned the name of Jodhabai. Also, all the other characters in the film mentioned in the books that I have read. Like in the book, A History of Jaipur , the author Jadunath Sarkar has mentioned the name of Uday Singh ( Mota Raja ) and is daughter Mirabai who was married to prince Salim. The book also mentions her second name is Manibai and her third name is Jodhabai. 


How do you wish to solve the problem with the Rajputs who are responsible for the film not releasing in Rajastahan? Did you speak with them? 

I have not yet spoken with them. I am presenting the books now so that it becomes clear to everyone that what all I have used as research for the film. I have taken three years for doing the research of the film. I have only imagined the romance between Akbar and Jodhaa . I really wish the Rajputs see the film. I don’t mind in keeping a special show for them. 


The length of the film is very long because of which there are three shows in the single theatres instead of four. What do you feel about that? 

If there are less shows running because of the length of the film, the director and producers should be most hurt. But we don’t have any regrets about it. If we do not have any problems, I don’t think anyone else should have any. I never worry about the length of a film. I think the movie should have the duration which is required by the script. 


The movie was not released in most of the multiplexes on the first day. 

It was very unfortunate. But I think some rules would be set up very soon to tackle the issue. It should not come up with every film. Multiplexes are a new phenomena for us as well. We are also exploring the logistics of multiplexes as compared with single screens. It will take some time. 


How was it shooting with the animals? 

We had to get the permission for using the animals from the censor board. We had to give them the details of the animals as well. I even selected 100 elephants out of 150 which were available. It was like the casting for a film. In the movie, the impact that you create with the animals matters a lot. We even had veterinaries on the sets of the film. I followed all the rules required for using animals. I am a staunch believer in rules. I do not get any thrill in breaking them. 


What was the toughest part in making the film? 

A) The battle scenes in the film were difficult to execute. A lot of hard work went into designing the jewelry. I have never handled armour and weapons before. So using them was challenging. I was very lucky to have great technicians who worked in the film in each department. 


Lagaan was released in 2001, Swades in 2004 and now Jodhaa Akbar in 2008. Why do you take so long to make a film? 

The kind of script Jodhaa Akbar had, it took a lot of time for the research. I have not felt the three years after 2004 when Swades was released. Its as if three years have just flown. Also, Swades and Lagaan are still very fresh in the minds of people. Only if you remind me I realize that it has been a long time since Lagaan was released. 


What are you going through since the movie has been released? 

I am very excited. There are good reactions and responses coming in. People like the film in spite of its long length. I am very happy about that. 


Are you working on any other film? 

I am not working on a film but I am looking for a script. With this he sighs off hoping that the controversies of the film are cleared soon so that everyone can watch and enjoy the film.