Hrithik - Superhero, super singer?

Published On: 2016-11-29

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Hrithik - Superhero, super singer?


Source: TNN 

Date: 5 Sep 2008 


Looks like Hrithik Roshan is making fans out of not only normal janta but also people he works with! After he left his co-star Mexican beauty Barbara Mori rather impressed, he has another fan — songstress Suzie Q. Oh, and the girl whose latest hit was Jee Karda from Singh is Kinng , has become a fan of his singing! Suzie was originally called to vocally train Hrithik for the Spanish song he is singing with her in Anurag Basu’s Kites , which the director wanted the actor to sing himself. In Suzie’s words, “It was a challenge for Hrithik to have to sing an English song. And the great thing is that normally someone else would have started with a pop song but Hrithik started with Jazz standards like Michael Bublé.” And what helped Hrithik was the accent training that he has been going through for the movie and the fact that his English is not Indianised but Anglacised. 


“We did quite a few sessions and Hrithik has a range of three octaves which not many can boast of. He has a great voice and if he works hard, he can put a lot of singers to shame,” coos Suzie. Oh, by the way, we hear Hrithik is also as impressed with Suzie’s singing as she is of his. He asked her “How do you sing so beautifully and effortlessly? Does that high note you sing even exist on the keyboard?” Mutual admiration society, eh?