'Hrithik is a perfect co-star'- Kangna

Published On: 2016-12-07

Author: Ashwini Deshmukh

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I never believed life could be so beautiful


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: October 20, 2008  


Better known as ‘controversy’s child’, Kangana Ranaut, had always seemed edgy whether it was in her choice of roles or in the way she conducted her personal life. But this time, as I meet her at her Bandra pad, she comes across as calm, even though, on the eve of an important release, Fashion, nerves would be in order. Assuredly then, this can be attributed to Adhyayan Suman’s presence in her life. 


How has life changed after Adhyayan walked in? 

I never believed life could be so beautiful. He’s a strong-willed and an exceptionally beautiful person. 


You recommended Adhyayan's name to Madhur Bhandarkar for his next film. 

I will never do that. Adhyayan is so incredibly talented and so good looking that I have no reason to go up to people and plead with them to give him work. Doing that would be like insulting him and his work. And why would I want to insult my own boyfriend? He is a star son and is already doing a lot of films. He is talented and his work will speak for itself. I know for a fact that he doesn’t even like being addressed as ‘Kanganas boyfriend’. 


How have Adhyayan’s parents taken your relationship with their son? 

They have been extremely warm, welcoming and supportive towards me and our relationship. 


With Kites, you make a foray into the big league. How has the experience been? 

Working with Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori and Rakesh Roshan's production is a big high. I have made great friends with Hrithik, Barbara and a lot of Mexican people there. Shooting with a foreign crew is a great learning experience. 


How was Hrithik as a co-worker? He comes across as a reserved actor. 

It is a misconception that Hrithik is reserved. He was friendly and a perfect host. He took care of everyone on the sets by ensuring that everyone was fed on time and given a good hotel room. I think he is perfect as a co-star, producer, father, son and husband. He used to take care of his kid so perfectly too. He’s truly a perfect man! It was great interacting with his wife, Sussane. But I bonded best with their elder son, Hrehan. 


Apparently, there was a conflict between producer Rakesh Roshan and director Anurag Basu on the sets. 

Rakeshji never used to interfere in Anurag’s work. Though they would discuss the film, it was always off the sets. There has been no clash between them, at least not in front of me. 


In your upcoming film, Fashion, you are shown doing drugs and exposing. Is performing such scenes taxing? 

Fashion is based on the real fashion world and it deals more with the emotions of the key characters. I don’t have lovemaking scenes as such but there were some sce nes that were purely performance oriented. As far as acting was concerned, it needed me to stretch myself beyond Woh Lamhe, Gangster or even Metro. Yes, it was quite taxing to perform this character in Fashion. 


When will we see you in a typical commercial film? Are you averse to doing them? 

Isn’t Fashion commercial? Raaz - The mystery continues is also commercial. I know what kind of films you are talking about, but for me those films are definitely boring. I feel completely stupid doing that kind of fake stuff. It doesn’t go with my sensibilities.