No longer weak-kneed

Published On: 2016-12-13

Author: Subhash K Jha

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No longer weak-kneed


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: November 7, 2008 


Hrithik Roshan, who was nursing a knee injury for the past two years, is set to shoot for an elaborate dance number for Kites Hrithik Roshan has been nursing his knee injury for so long at he didn’t think he would be able to dancing for the rest of his life. But things changed for him suddenly when one day he discovered that the pain had disappeared completely. “It’s a kind of miracle,” Hrithik said with a yankee twang that he has acquired over the three months in the US shooting for Anurag Basu’s Kites, his first English language film. He added, “I knew I had to get the knee fixed. For two years I tried every remedy available in the world. I came to a point where I almost gave up and decided to live with the pain. Then it all just came together one day.” Hrithik went through many tried and tested remedies before he discovered Myofascial Tissue Release therapy. 


Talking about the therapy Hrithik said, “My dad met orthopedic surgeon, Dr Sonu Ahluwalia, who is former actress Pooja Batra’s husband in Los Angeles. He recommended a new not-yet-legalised therapy, PRP - Platelet-rich plasma for me. The therapy required needles to be stuck in my knee joint and platelets to be inserted into my knees. I tried out the treatment for six weeks and then headed to shoot for Kites. But the pain persisted. I had come to a stage where I decided I would dance without exerting my knees. That’s how I for the item song in my dad’s production, Krazzy 4.” Hrithik then suggested to his dad that he should sign some other leading man for Kites. He said, “It wasn’t meant as a joke. There was lots of action in Kites and we were starting with an elaborate stunt scene. However, Dad and my director Anurag Basu decided to wait for my knee to heal. And when I woke up on the first day of shooting, surprisingly there was no pain! After two years of doing everything possible, I was finally almost painless. Soon my knee was as good as new.” And how did that happen? Hrithik told us how the miracle happened. He said, “Everything from medicine to spiritual healing - it all came together one day. Now I can dance better than I did before my knee problem because I don’t take the knee for granted.” Myofascial Tissue Release therapy, which he discovered in Singapore during one of his extensive travels, played a huge part in his recovery. 


Hrithik added, “I have added the therapy to my workout routine and it takes an hour of my day now. It has become a routine for me just like brushing my teeth. Initially, I needed help to do it but now I do it on my own.” Now with the knees perfectly in place again, Hrithik is ready to shoot for one of the most elaborate dance numbers for the film. Hrithik elaborated on his role in Kites, “I play a dance instructor in Kites. I do all kinds of dancing and we are recording the song. I’ll be working with Flexy, a choreographer from New York who has done some of my ads. Flexy is an unbelievably tough choreographer and he really pushes the dancer. It is a challenge to return to dance with my mended knees.” Now that the US schedule of Kites in the US is complete, the unit will be shooting for two months in Mumbai.