It's a boy for Hrithik and Sussanne!

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Upala KBR

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It's a boy for Hrithik and Sussanne!

By: Upala KBR

March 29, 2006



Hrithik Roshan's wife Susanne gave birth to a baby boy at Lilavati Hospital yesterday.


The Roshans and the Khans speak to HiTLIST about the newest member of their family...


Rakesh Roshan


It's a great feeling! I am happy to become a dada. We haven't planned anything yet it’s Hrithik and Susanne’s choice. It didn’t matter whether it was a boy or girl; we just wanted a healthy baby. He was born at 3.08 pm.

Pinky Roshan

The baby was due any day. It feels awesome! Both Hrithik and Susanne are overwhelmed and excited. We feel the baby resembles Hrithik in his chin and nose, but looks like his mother. The whole feeling is just sinking in… it’s a great feeling. We don’t know the colour of his eyes, as he hasn’t opened them yet.

Zarine Khan

We are all on top of the world. Hrithik, the baby’s grandparents, great grandfather and great grandmother are all here, including my daughters. So it’s a family gathering of the Roshans and the Khans.

The baby is a very good mixture of both Hrithik and Susanne. Hrithik was with his wife throughout the delivery.

Sunaina Roshan

Susanne is very happy with the birth date, (as 2 plus 8 is 10) and Hrithik too is a number 10. My first thought was the baby looks like Susanne. He’s very fair.

But we are all very excited. It still has to sink in. Duggu (Hrithik’s pet name) is still a kid for us and it’s hard to believe that he is a father now. I told Duggu that he used to bully and fight with me when we were kids — now, we will start fighting again as I will spoil the baby rotten and he won’t like it.

As far as names are concerned, we are considering Rehan (the chosen one). My daughter, Suranika, didn’t know how to react when she saw the baby. Besides the immediate family, we have told everyone else to come tomorrow.

Kunal Kapoor

(Hrithik’s best friend)

I am rushing to the hospital. Both Hrithik and Susanne are very close friends of mine (Hrithik and Kunal have known each other for 20 years) and I am very happy for them.

Anna Singh

(Hrithik’s designer and friend)

I am in Melbourne and a bit disappointed that I am so far away and couldn’t see the baby. I was dying to see him. Now I will be rushing over to see him the moment I step into Mumbai.

Feroz Khan

(Sussanne’s uncle)

I am in Dubai at present. Farah (Sanjay Khan’s daughter) called me to give me the great news. I was thrilled to hear about it. I am very fond of Duggu and Jappy (that’s what he calls Susanne). This is their first child and they can try for a daughter next time!