The (H) right name

Published On: 2012-10-17

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The (H) right name


Source: TOI 

Date: April 09, 2006 


Daddy Duggu spells out the real name for newly born. While Hrithik and Sussanne's baby boy is still opening his eyes to the world, everyone is speculating on the little one's name. From Rayhaan, Ray-haan to Rehaan, you name it, numerologists and soothsayers have their suggestions on the same. For the record, Jr Roshan's name is spelt and pronounced just like papa's — it is Hrehaan Roshan. 


Roll the R but hang on to the H. "Hrehaan means 'God's chosen one'. We just liked the name Hrehaan and decided to keep it as it felt right, in spite of numerous suggestions given by astrologers and numerologists alike," says the proud papa. 


"I was even advised to add a 'C' in the spelling of my name in order to get fame and fortune! I have lived enough to know that it takes more than numerology to be an achiever in life," he adds. Hrithik is still on a break from work, enjoying every minute of fatherhood and family life. But he will be back to the grind on April 20 for Dhoom 2's next schedule in Mumbai.