Ash and Hrithik answer GN readers queries

Published On: 2017-12-28

Author: Manjusha Radhakrishan

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Ash-Hrithik answer reader queries


Source: Gulf News 

Date: November 14,2010 


You sent in your questions and here, dear reader, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan answer Bollywood's Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan on Wednesday spent some action-filled moments at the Gulf News office. In that half-hour, not only did they put their editing skills to test, but they also battled sticky questions sent in by you — our readers — with pizzazz and diplomacy. In town to promote the love story Guzaarish, they spoke at length about on-screen chemistry, being slammed by critics and more. 


For both It's believed you (Rai Bachchan) and Roshan have a great on-screen chemistry. In your opinion, which other couple in Bollywood and Hollywood has the best on-screen chemistry? -Imtiaz, Florida 


Roshan: "The so-called chemistry has to first exist on paper and actors merely absorb that, because any two good actors can make it come alive. Chemistry is not about two people or how they look together, it's about the script. Chemistry is always between the characters." 


Rai Bachchan: "We genuinely believe that it's about the moments in the screenplay which gives the actors the opportunity to create something magical. All this translates well on celluloid and the audience feels it all. "As far as favourite on-screen couples go, I think any film that clicks at the box-office make great couples." 


Your recent movies like Raavan and Kites haven't done too well. Have you reached a point in your career where flops and hits don't affect you?- Gia Dinkar, Delhi 


Roshan: "Filmmaking is an organic process. There's no set equation, so you are naturally geared up for success and failure. The key is to gain the right perspective where you understand that there are no failures, it's all just a learning process." 


Rai Bachchan: "I absolutely agree with Hrithik. It's not about reaching a point. Some of us have either had the right guidance or the right approach from the beginning where we realise it's all about the learning curve. Experience is the greatest teacher. "Yes, success is imperative, but as actors, it's the experience of the making of the film itself that's valuable and relevant." 


For Ash You turned 37 recently, but you continue to work in A-list projects. What's your biggest strength, especially when actors like Rani, Preity, Shilpa and Sushmita have almost given up on their careers? -Shakeel Shemna 


"Firstly, it's an unfair statement, because we shouldn't compare. That has never been my objective. We all have our own stories to tell and our own experiences to share. "I don't view my life in the way the question is coined. In terms of age for an actor, I have maintained from my first film, Iruvar, onwards that as an actor you are as old or as young as the character needs to be. I didn't try to play the girl with pigtails to start with and I don't need to necessarily go by the chronology, as long as you can play a character convincingly. "Ageing is a natural process as human beings. But as an actor, as long as an audience accepts your character, the rest is immaterial." 


What's your reply to critics who praise your flawless beauty but slam your acting skills? -Rekha Sanjith, Bengaluru 


"It's all a part of the turf and it's about taking it in your stride. At the end of the day, cinema is a visual medium and looking good is imperative. So getting compliments for that is never a bad thing. And, if looking good is easier, I am thankful to God and my parents for getting married [laughs]. "On the other hand, when it comes to acting, critics are also people and their opinions are welcome. But remember, they are not the only audience. Apart from them, there are millions of people who are exceedingly encouraging, appreciative and generous with their compliments. "I have learnt not to get carried away by the excessive appreciation nor do I get bogged down by their [criticism]. My biggest acid test is that directors whom I have worked with are the best in the business and they come to me with roles that go beyond just being a pretty girl. All this has helped me stay true to my craft." Roshan pitches in: "I don't think good looks is about nice-looking features, especially for an actor. Good looks is about expressing yourself and those compliments stem out because she is a good actor. It's all about expressions, because you cannot express bad and yet look good." 


For Hrithik Would you ever consider working in an indie film with a strong or unique script? Or is it mainstream cinema and known production houses that attract you? -Amira, Los Angeles


 "I purely go by instinct. If something inside me resonates with the script, then I just do it. Of course, there's always a mental gymnastics that I do before signing on a project. "It's never the size of the production house that counts." 


You are Bollywood's first super-hero. How do your kids look at you? -Milind, Abu Dhabi 


"They look at me as a normal dad. The one who feels weird is me, because I sometimes watch them play with a doll-replica of mine. That's a bit creepy."