Rishi to do a 'looks test' for Agneepath

Published On: 2018-02-23

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Rishi to do a ‘looks test’ for Agneepath


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: Jan 6, 2011 


After squabbling with KJo, Rishi Kapoor is not only back in Agneepath, but has also volunteered to do a 'looks test' to see if he fits the bill It seems that after crossing swords with KJo over the Deepika-Sonam ‘bitchgate’ on his talk show, a flare-up during which he even walked out of Agneepath, Rishi Kapoor is walking that extra mile to prove his professionalism to the director. Rishi Kapoor will be doing something he has never done in his 40-year career: he is going to undergo a ‘looks test’ to see whether he fits the part of the villain in the film. 


This decision to try out a particular get-up to see if he fits into the meanie mould was taken by Rishi Kapoor himself. After the ‘looks test’, if Rishi is unconvinced about looking the part he will say no to it. Rishi confirms the ‘looks test’ for Agneepath. “Yes, I’ve voluntarily asked for a looks test to see whether I will be convincing in a mean part. If I look convincing I’d be confident enough to plunge into the baddie’s persona” 


Rishi feels he looks too romantic and soft to play a villain. Says the actor, “This is the first time in my entire career that I’m doing a looks test. Earlier for Lamhe, Yash Chopra had desisted from asking me to do a looks test thinking I’d feel bad. (Anil Kapoor bagged the precious part).Aisa kuch nahin hai. Kaam mera priority hai. Work is worship and no egos should come in the way.” Interestingly Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor will both be playing villains in Agneepath. The last and only time Raj Kapoor’s and Nargis’s sons shared screen space was in 1991 in Sahibaan as romantic heroes with Madhuri Dixit.