Kahan se kahan tak...

Published On: 2012-10-25

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Kahan se kahan tak...


Source: Screen India

Date: April 28,2006


Sajjad Zaheer on Hrithik...


Want to be Hrithik?


I refuse to put myself in the shoes of Hrithik Roshan right now. I can’t even dare to imagine being Hrithik Roshan. No one, however powerful or passionate or gifted with the bright light of courage can try to be another Hrithik Roshan now.


Hrithik proved himself when he first arrived to a rousing welcome. Hrithik has put himself into greater ‘trouble’, pleasant ‘trouble’, exciting ‘trouble’ with his talent to make his audience expect the unexpected from him. Hrithik cannot be anyone but the Hrithik he is. He is a ‘prisoner’ who has worked out his own plans and succeeded in fulfilling most of them, a glad ‘prisoner’ under his own guard. He is in a position any other young and successful actor would like to place himself in but it is certainly not easy being a ‘prisoner’ of the pride of place he has created for himself.


Just try to imagine where Hrithik stands today. He has just completed shooting for his father’s Krrish. For more than a year Hrithik has just been Krrish, the character in the film. He has literally forgotten that there is an actor called Hrithik who could have fallen for some of the most fantastic and fabulous temptations thrown in his way on his own terms. 


But he knew what Krrish meant to him and what Krrish meant to his father who raises expectations to the tallest peaks every time he makes a film. Hrithik knew he had put his life into the role he was challenged to play and challengers never play it safe. He even went to the brave and grave attempt to put his life at stake during the making of some of the most thrilling parts of the film. He knows he has to live upto his father’s expectations, his own expectations, his grand-father’s (J. Om Prakash) expectations his wife Suzanne’s expectations and the expectations of the new bundle of joy in his life, his first son, Hrehaan who will pass judgement if not today then one day on his handsome and most wanted, loved and admired father. And above all he knows that he has to live up to the expectations of his countless fans who have been waiting for him for such a long time. 


And he also has plans and dreams to take on some more risks but right now it is just Krrish on his mind. The future is paved with a series of serious challenges but an actor like Hrithik has nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. He was born to be the best and every care is taken by the Creator to see that he comes up with nothing but the best. There are many other bests to come. Krrish is only the beginning and knowing him I can assure you that this is really the beginning of an actor who is destined to be marked out and be a part of the history of Indian cinema. 


Want to be another Hrithik? No, you can’t. It is not so easy. A Hrithik comes just once in many many years.