A good omen?

Published On: 2018-03-13

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Hrithik’s injury: possibly a good omen


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: April 5, 2011 


Hrithik Roshan got injured yesterday morning, while shooting for his film Agneepath in Versova. The scene required Hrithik to break a coconut on the ground. During one of the several takes, he injured his fingers. Only when the scene was cancelled, did someone realise that Roshan’s hand was bleeding. A source tells us, “Hrithik’s hand had a deep cut, which was bleeding profusely. The shoot was halted until he received first aid.” Certainly not out of sadistic pleasure but superstition alone, producer Karan Johar would be pleased because whenever any actor is injured and bleeds on the sets, the film turns out to be a super hit.