Hrithik beefs up security on Agnipath Sets

Published On: 2018-03-25

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Hrithik beefs up security


Source: Filmfare 

Date: April 26, 2011 


People have only seen Hrithik’s good side but there is an austere version of him as well. And recently the junior artistes and the crew members of Agneepath got to see that side. When Hrithik saw his pictures in the look of Dinanath Chauhan out in the media, he cracked a whip personally on everyone. He pulled up everyone and enquired as to how did the pictures leak, who had clicked them etc. He made sure that the production house beef up the security around the shooting location. The news is that after the dahi handi session, he is also shooting a Ganapati scene at the same venue and a huge idol of around 30 ft is brought in for the shoot. And Hrithik doesn’t want any of it to go out.