True blue!

Published On: 2012-01-02

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True blue!

Source: Mid Day

Date: May 5,2006


""Happiness held us by the hand....

..we looked into the eyes of peace..

He smiles like we are in wonderland..

..oh how great this life can be..!



Sussanne & Hrithik's little ray of sunshine



sunaina & suranika

Proud great grandparents Padma & J.Om. Prakash""


The card that the Roshans sent to announce the arrival of Hrithik's son, Hrehaan


To celebrate the new arrival— Hrehaan — the Roshans have been sending all their near and dear ones, a teddy bear wrapped in blue ribbons along with a gooeey brownie which has the letter R inscribed in blue and walnut chocolates.

These sweet offerings and the teddy are packed on an engraved flower tray. All this comes along with a card about Sussanne and Hrithik’s little ray of sunshine. Cute, naa?