Krrish moves Mumbai to Hyderabad

Published On: 2018-06-20

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Krrish moves Mumbai to Hyderabad


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: July 15, 2011 


The set being erected in Ramoji Rao Filmcity will be spread over two kilometres and represent a popular suburban business hub Rakesh Roshan’s ambitious sequel to Krrish, is all set to go on floors this October. In Mumbai. Not the real Mumbai, but a recreated city of dreams in Ramoji Rao Film City in Hyderabad. The set to be completed by late September has been designed to resemble a business hub in Mumbai so that Hrithik can shoot in the very places without the crowds hounding him while he performs his stunts. 


The script of the film requires Hrithik Roshan, the lead actor who plays a superhero to perform hi-octane stunts in the busy streets of Mumbai. “Hrithik cannot shoot amidst heavy Mumbai traffic. This would require stopping traffic. The entire city would then come to a halt. Thus shooting in the real streets of Mumbai is practically impossible. Hence, the filmmakers required to have a set erected which would represent Mumbai,” revealed a source on request of anonymity. 


However, recreating the business hub of Mumbai in the very city was not economically feasible for the producers. Also, the space required to erect a set so big was unavailable in the city. “The idea is to recreate the posh Bandra Kurla Complex. Rakesh Roshan first went to ND studio in Karjat but decided it was not possible to go ahead with the design there. The design would have required him to build roads in the studio, which was not feasible. Plus he was also looking at reducing the production cost as much as possible and building a set in Mumbai would be far more expensive than building one in Hyderabad,” says the source. 


Though the director remained unavailable for comments, art director Sabu Cyril said, “We are recreating the streets of Mumbai and high tech buildings made of glasses in Ramoji Rao Filmcity in Hyderabad. There will be around 65 buildings with detailed work.” Cyril, who had worked in films like Raavan and Enthiran (Robot) earlier, however, denied that they were indeed recreating the Bandra Kurla Complex in Hyderabad. “The set is huge and will be spread over an area of almost 2 kilometres including the cross roads. Thankfully, we don’t have to construct roads as the film city already has them,” he concluded.