Is Kangna dressed to kill?

Published On: 2018-08-22

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Is Kangna dressed to kill?


Source: MidDay
Date: 28 November, 2011 

Kangna Ranaut, who is all set to play a mutant in the Krrish sequel, has to lose five kilos to get into her costume. We give you a sneak peak of what her character will look like in the visual-effects laden superhero flick.

It has been learnt that Kangna's designer Gavin Miguel has sourced a plastic-like material from the US for her character's costume. "One of the teams sourced to make the outfit for her in Krissh also stitches Lady Gaga's costumes," reveals our source.

Giving further details about her costume, the source says, "Considering the kind of material it's made from, Kangna will have to apply special oil on herself to be able to wear it." Perhaps she should take some tips from SRK on staying in such costumes for long hours, as he did for RA.One.

Our source adds that director Rakesh Roshan wants to make sure people forget Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider when Kangna makes her entry in the movie. Kangna's character is a mutant said to be inspired by Mystique from the X Men series.

When contacted, Gavin maintained that they're still in the process of finalising the costume, so that it looks "more like a second skin." He asserts, "Since it's a completely body-hugging costume, we require a fabric that stretches and fits perfectly. Hence a lubricant-based oil has to be applied on the body before getting into it. We're still in the testing stages because the costume should not be suffocating."

The designer says that they're also figuring out a way to make the actress avoid wearing the costume all day. "We're trying to work out a design that is easy for her to get into and get out of," he points out.

The designer and his team have a month to finalise the costume as Kangna still has a month before she starts shooting for the film. "So far, they're happy with the way the look is coming up. Since it's a challenging assignment, I hope it becomes an iconic look in Bollywood," Gavin signs off.