Hrithik and Priyanka, the perfect casting!

Published On: 2018-08-30

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Hrithik and Priyanka, the perfect casting!


Source: Times of India 

Date: Dec 08,2011 


The on-screen couple sizzles in a romantic song for KJo's Agneepath He has the intensity of a wild cat, while she has the vulnerability of a trapped deer. In a slow, romantic number in Agneepath, their wet clothes accentuate the raw physicality, and the downpour on screen is hardly enough to keep the smouldering temperatures at bay. It's a no-brainer why Karan Johar decided to cast Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra together in Agneepath. The filmmaker knew he could recreate the magic of their 2006 mega-hit Krrish; the five years they'd stayed away from each other only enhanced the magic of this sensual screen pair. 


Commenting on their pairing, trade guru Taran Adarsh says, "Hrithik has a raw appeal that is yet to be tapped. Even in his father's masala movies, he comes across as being polished. But in Agneepath, director Karan Malhotra has managed to bring out untapped aspects of Hrithik's persona. Priyanka has already proved her versatility. From Fashion to Saat Khoon Maaf, one has seen a wide oeuvre. She is not only a glamorous girl; she's an actress of substance too.'' Leading film critic Rajeev Masand feels Hrithik and Priyanka are perfectly matched physically. "Both are tall and lean... he is fair, she is dusky... they make a very striking couple. Theirs is the perfect casting because they are physically very compatible on screen. I really liked them together in Krrish.'' Vajir Singh, editor of a film trade magazine, says, "In Krrish, PC didn't have much to do except be ornamental. She was younger then, and roles weren't being written for her. Now it's a different ball game. Whether a cameo or a full-fledged role, PC is capable of stealing the show. As for her and Hrithik, even in Krrish, you couldn't help but notice that whenever she was on screen with him, she complemented him in every sense. Both actors take their craft beyond just being attractive lookers. They are both powerhouse performers." Since public opinion is totally in their favour, Rakesh Roshan too has chosen this screen couple for his Krrish sequel.