Take it easy policy!

Published On: 2018-09-01

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Take it easy policy!


Source: DNA
Date: December 12, 2011

The dedication with which actor Hrithik Roshan plunges into his films is well-known in the industry circle — the actor tends to lose sleep for weeks prior to a film’s release working on dubbing, promotions, et al. Sources close to the actor insist that his restlessness has nothing to do with him worrying about the fate of his film at the BO, but him wanting to give in more than his hundred per cent to the film at hand.

It’s proving to be no different as the actor’s now wrapping up Agneepath. But this time, apparently it’s good friend and filmmaker Karan Johar, who’s stepped in to ensure that the actor not lose sleep over his upcoming film. Insiders reveal that the filmmaker has been assuring Hrithik’s wife Sussanne Roshan that he will ensure that Hrithik not lose sleep this once. “Karan keeps giving Hrithik a pep talk every now and then, to make sure that he not get too worked up about the film. Karan himself is a workaholic, but knows that it’s important not to get stressed out, more so for the actor. He’s already had several long chats with Hrithik, not just to talk about marketing and film plans, but also to make sure that he not take on added stress,” says a source.

According to another insider, Hrithik has already been pushing himself extra hard all through the shooting, including working out despite pain and injuries and now he’s working around the clock on dubbing. “His sleep goes out when the release date comes nearer. It’s the first thing he sacrifices,” says the insider. “But Karan wants him to take it a bit easy and not let his health suffer in anyway. In fact, Karan would often message him on sets reminding him to not stress out,” says a source.

A senior filmmaker, who’s worked with the actor earlier, too agrees that he needs to be reminded constantly to take it easy! “Hrithik has this child-like quality and he gets anxious about his work. Now at least he has learnt to take a break once in a while, but there were times when all he could was eat, sleep and breathe his film. He rehearses the lines all night long just so he can get it perfect the next day and he does, but for him there’s always scope for improvement,” adds the veteran.