Drama over 'Krrish 3' release date?

Published On: 2019-02-27

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Drama over 'Krrish 3' release date?


Source: Mid Day 

Date: June 13, 2013 


Insiders say multiplex owners and distributors are fighting over profit share margins for Hrithik Roshan's superhero film It’s still almost five months away from its release date, but looks like Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 has already created a flutter. The film that is said to have a Diwali release (November 3) incidentally has no other Bollywood project hitting the marquee for a period of around 12 days after its release, and two weeks before it. This seems to have set off a babble of words between the exhibitors and the distributors over the profit share margins. Traditionally, in the first week of a film’s release, the distributors and the producers stake a claim to 52.5 per cent of the film’s total box office collections. The multiplex owners take the remaining amount home. However, trade insiders say that given that the film will run at theatres for almost 12 day without any opponent, the distributors are asking for a larger share this time. A source says, “The distributors want to up their stake by claiming the 12-day window as the first week. They are demanding for their 52.5 per cent share for all of the 12 days. However, the multiplex owners want to break the period into two parts -- the first with the four days and the second with the customary seven days.” That way, experts say the exhibitors will stand to gain on the film’s collections. An insider says, “The distributors want to consider the 12-day period as the first week, as the Hrithik starrer will be breaking the lull period of two weeks before Diwali. A trade analyst however says that the final decision on the amounts would be taken a day or two before the release. He states, “Right now is too early for this.” Rakesh Roshan was not available for comment. 


Will it be Monday? 

According to sources close to Rakesh Roshan, while Krrish 3 was initially said to release on November 3, a Sunday, the film could be aiming to hit the marquee on the following day. An inside says, “Lakshmi puja falls on Sunday and it can be expected that most families would get busy with the preparations. Releasing the film on Monday would be a safer bet.”