No admission without Duggu's permission

Published On: 2019-03-05

Author: Mehul S Thakkar

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No admission without Duggu’s permission


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: June 20, 2013 


The office where the VFX editing of Krrish 3 is underway has been transformed into a fortress. Hrithik Roshan is honing his super powers in utmost secrecy. The VFX editing for his next ambitious venture Krrish 3 is underway at the Red Chillies office in Khar and the place has been converted into a fortress of sorts. It is one of the most expensive films of the year and the details of the project have been a closely guarded secret. So much so, the gossip columns have not yet got a whiff of what is going on behind the closed door of the studios. Even in the post-production stage, every precaution is been taken to keep it that way until it is time to divulge more. To ensure this, an entire floor has been cordoned off for the project. 


A source from the film unit told Mumbai Mirror: "If any one wants to access the floor in Hrithik's absence, he has to take permission from the actor. A call goes from the office to Hrithik and only when he gives a nod, the person is granted admission." Both Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan frequent the office to supervise the goings-on. The source added: " Only those people who are required for the editing are authorised to be in the premises. The floor is out-of-bounds for other members of the staff. SRK has given strict orders to everyone to follow Duggu's instructions regarding this." Roshan Sr is also not leaving any stone unturned to ensure maximum security. "There is absolutely no way information can leak out from behind the iron curtains," the source said. When contacted, Rakesh Roshan said: "Hrithik and I have made it mandatory that no outsider is allowed on that particular floor. Red Chillies has a very professional set-up and is a fantastic place to work."