Krrish to take off on a Monday!

Published On: 2019-03-08

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Krrish to take off on a Monday


Source: TOI 

Date: June 26, 2013 

By: Vickey Lalwani 


If the trend catches on, movie buffs might not have to wait till Friday to catch the latest release at the theatres. It started with the Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer that released on Wednesday (August 15, 2012). It was followed with the SRK-Katrina Kaif starrer—which hit the theatres on a Tuesday (November 13, 2012). And now the Roshans are all set to follow in with the third instalment of the superhero franchise. Krrish -3 is scheduled to hit the theatre across the globe on November 4, 2013 — a Monday. Producer-director of the film, Rakesh Roshan took the decision on Tuesday. Earlier, the mega-venture sci-fi flick was planned for a Sunday release (November 3, 2013). When Mirror spoke to Roshan Sr in the afternoon, he confirmed the development. 


Explaining the decision to postpone the release by a day, a source close to the film said: “Sunday, November 3 is Laxmi puja. There are chances that people would prefer to stay indoors. Monday, which happens to be the Hindu New Year, is a holiday.” Trade analysts have welcomed the decision. While Amod Mehra appreciated the step, Taran Adarsh said: “It does not matter which day the film hits the theatres. Krrish is a big brand. The Rakesh-Hrithik combination has never failed (Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish). Some distributors have seen the rough cut of the promos and they are impressed.” The exhibitors are equally buoyant. Owner of Chandan Cinema (Juhu) said: “Releasing Krrish 3 on Hindu New Year’s Day would be starting the year on a perfect note.” Head of Operations at Fun Cinemas, Anand Vishal, said: “It is a smart move by the Roshans. The collections on the New Year’s Day are usually double than that on the day of the Laxmi puja.”



Rakesh Roshan confirms November 4 as Krrish 3's release date


Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: June 26, 2013 

By:Subhash K. Jha 


It's final. For weeks now Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan have been in talks to decide the crucial Diwali release date for Krrish 3. While earlier the film was to be released on Sunday, November 3, which is Diwali, the Roshans were under pressure to postpone the release by a day. Says a source close to the Roshans, "Diwali day, that is November 3 had been locked in for release. But then distributors and exhibitors felt people like to stay home on Diwali night for Laxmi Puja. It was felt November 4, that is the day after Diwali, which is a Monday, would be far more favourable as a release date for Krrish 3." Confirming his final release date for the first time, Rakesh Roshan says, "Krrish 3 will finally release on 4 November, that is Monday." Rakesh Roshan also confirmed for the first time that the first official trailer of Krrish 3 would be attached to Rohit Shetty's Chennai Express. Says Rakesh, "Yes our trailers will be out on August 8."