Krrish returns

Published On: 2019-03-23

Author: Vickey Lalwani

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Krrish returns


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: Aug 3, 2013 


Hrithik will get back to work with the trailer launch of the third film of the franchise. On Monday, Hrithik Roshan will make his first official public appearance after his brain surgery and the occasion is the trailer launch of Krrish 3. So far, the Roshans have fiercely guarded the look of the third film of the franchise. "On August 5, everyone will get a glimpse of what we have made. We had a lot of VFX effects in Krrish as well. But, we went all the way to Chennai for that. This time we did it in the city and hence the extra security. We didn't want the look to be out before the trailer launch," Rakesh Roshan tells Mirror. 


Just two days away from the litmus test, Roshan senior sounds cautiously optimistic. "The first look often decides the fate of the film and I am curious to see the reaction of the people." Talking about Hrithik, who was operated upon last month for subdural hematoma caused by a head injury he had suffered while shooting a stunt scene for Bang Bang, Rakesh expresses his joy that much like a superhero, his son is recovering fast. However, a father's mind is never free of concern and he tell us that he still shudders when he rewinds to the day his son was wheeled into the operation theatre: "That was a very, very tough time," his voice trails. 


Coming back to Krrish 3 he says: "The film will see Hrithik in three avatars -Rohit (Krrish's father), Krishna (The alter ego of Krrish) and Krrish (the superhero)." He then confesses that it took him three drafts to finalise the story. "I wrote three drafts of the story before I firmly decided to make Krrish 3." It is not only Hrithik who will be switching characters; Priyanka Chopra too has an interesting twist to her role. "You will see Priyanka in two avatars. She plays Krishna's wife but suddenly her character changes." The director is also equally enthusiastic about Kangna Ranaut's role as a mutant. The USP of the film however, is the return of a true-blue villain, which Bollywood seem to be missing in recent times. Played by Vivek Oberoi, the baddie here is even stronger than the hero (who happens to be a superhero at that!) "That guy is such a fine actor. But he is yet to get his due,"he says about Vivek without divulging details about the character he plays. So, after going through such an operation, will we see Hrithik indulging in more such spine-chilling stunt sequences or will Krrish lose some of his superpowers? "He will definitely take precautions. Today's actors want to do their own stunts, but they are also intelligent enough to draw the line," he makes it clear before signing off.