Hrithik helps Vivek pack the perfect punch

Published On: 2019-04-02

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Hrithik helps Vivek pack the perfect punch


Source: Times of India 

Date: Aug,13,2013 


It is not often that people take pleasure in creating a perfect enemy. But always expect the unexpected from a superhero. Hrithik ‘Krrish’ Roshan had gone all out to make sure that his on-screen opponent, Vivek Oberoi, packed the right punch. A source from the sets told Mirror, “Be it delivering a perfect punch or getting the kicks right, Vivek always got guidance from Hrithik. In fact, Hrithik would often demonstrate the entire act to his costar. Even on days when it required Vivek to shoot solo, Hrithik would drop by just to make sure his villain gets his act right.” After all what is a superhero without a perfect super villain to keep him on his toes!