Hrithik Roshan appreciates Priyanka's honesty

Published On: 2019-04-24

Author: Priya Gupta

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Hrithik Roshan appreciates Priyanka Chopra's honesty


Source: TOI Date: Sep 24, 2013 


Krrish 3's trailer has got the highest hits that any Bollywood film has got ever. Hrithik Roshan surprised us when he said, 'Priyanka's honesty lead to this trailer.' He told us what happened: "We made the trailer and were getting great reactions, but there was one person who had seen the film and was honest enough to say she did not like it as much and her reaction was very unsettling. She was sure that it could be and would be better if we made the changes. At first, I brushed it off, but she persisted and was jumping very animatedly. The trailer was to be launched the next day and we had no time. But it ignited thoughts in my head. I quickly went to the edit room as I believe that nothing can be perfect and why should I not give it a try if there is something left that can make it as good as it is destined to be. I recut the trailer without telling anything to my dad. He would have hit the roof had he known I was changing it. I managed to change it and showed him the finished product. The trailer was late by 15 minutes, but that is the trailer we see. I appreciate honesty and listen to people and you can't really say how much the change would have impacted, but we are even more happier with it now and the numbers speak for themselves."