No Pressure Of Krrish 3 Entering 200 Crore Club

Published On: 2019-05-19

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No Pressure Of Krrish 3 Entering 200 Crore Club: Rakesh Roshan


Source: Indiatimes 

Date: October 22, 2013 


“I have always been very clear that if my film is good it will run, it it’s not good it won’t work. So I don’t get bothered about any of the media talk around my movie’s potential box office collection”. Rakesh Roshan says the idea of making a trilogy came from the The Lord Of The Rings, which he feels beautifully, narrated a story over three films. However he says the Krrish series was never intended to be a trilogy when he began Koi Mil Gaya. "First there was Koi Mil Gaya which was about Rohit and the superpowers Jaado leaves behind. Then I made Krrish about Rohit’s son, and how he develops into a superhero with Jaado’s powers and saves his father. Now in Krrish 3 he is a full-fledged superhero from start to finish, and in this film you will see him use his powers and fight evil to save the people". 


The filmmaker says he always wanted to base the story in India and make it with local technicians. “We have so much talent here. Red Chilles allocated one and a half year on the making of this film. Also since Krrish is an Indian superhero, I was clear that he has to save an Indian city and not be someplace abroad”. Roshan argues that regardless of what critics say, Indians need emotions even in a sci-fi film, and feels cracking the emotion is tougher than visualising the special effects. Roshan says given the increase in budget and advances in technology, the experience of Krrish 3 was challenging, at the same time more interesting as a lot things that were not possible in 2006 can be done today. When asked about the criticism that Krrish took too much time to get to the point and had too many songs and comedy tracks, Roshan defends his decision saying it wasn’t out of any commercial compulsions. “If you see Krrish, I have spent the entire first half showing him use his powers for fun and games. Even post interval, initially he is doing circus tricks and only gradually when he becomes aware of his true powers, he transforms into a superhero. Had I shown him as a powerful superhero right from the start, the public wouldn’t have bought it. So the comedy and songs were a way of subtly preparing the audience for Krishna’s transformation into Krrish. I would say it needed one and a half films to establish Krrish as the superhero that he is in Krrish 3”. 


While Rakesh Roshan is not sure whether his next will be yet another Krrish film or a completely new subject, he says that whenever he thinks of a story he can only visualize Hrithik. "Why should I look at anyone else, when I have such a gifted, talented and popular actor in my house. For me Hrithik Roshan is just a call away, at any time of the day, whenever any idea comes to me".