It’s not easy looking GOOD

Published On: 2012-11-20

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Hrithik: It’s not easy looking GOOD


Source: TOI 


If you thought looking good comes naturally to the handsome Hrithik Roshan, think again. Apparently, the actor has been working really hard for his next film — the sequel to Dhoom. But when we commented that looking good in such a film would come easy to him, he replied, “It is not as easy as it sounds. It is almost as difficult as performing well in a challenging role. It requires a lot of work. It doesn’t happen by just thinking about it.” Now we know what it means!




‘The leaps are make-believe’


Source: TOI 


On hearing of the news about the youth from Madhya Pradesh leaping from the balcony of a theatre after watching Hrithik Roshan fly in Krrish, Rakesh Roshan grew pensive. “I know kids all over the country have responded with unexpected enthusiasm to Hrithik's action scenes. But they must understand those are make-believe leaps in the air, certainly not to be imitated,” he says. The fact that his film comes at the same time at Hollywood's most expensive spectacles does not scare him. 


“My film competes with the dubbed Hindi versions of M:I:3 and Superman. I can only say Krissh has raised the bar for special effects in Indian films,” he says. “We've released our film alongside other mainstream American films in the UK and US.” But Roshan hasn’t dubbed his film for English-speaking audiences abroad. “I think it is silly to hear Indian characters like a grandmother in a village or a domesticated bhabhi speaking English in a strange accent. 


When Ang Lee released his film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in the West, he kept the original Chinese dialogue and put English subtitles. I'm doing the same in Krissh.” He is equally excited about his cast. “I don't indulge in politics with any member of my cast. Although Hrithik is my son, I’m fair with every other actor too. I don't waste anyone's time on the sets,” he says. 


“I have the utmost respect for Rekha, and I can’t forget that moment when she agreed to co-star with me in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Khubsoorat when I was down and out. For an actress as fine and glamorous as Rekha to play a grandmother in Krissh only proves her versatility. It doesn't mean she'll be slotted as a grandmother from now on. She is too glamorous for that.”