India's indigenous superhero flick gets edgier

Published On: 2019-06-14

Author: Hiren Kotwani

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India’s indigenous superhero flick gets edgier


Source: TOI 

Date: October 30, 2013 


Rakesh Roshan's 'Krrish 3 '— a blend of science fiction and superhero fantasy — is making all the right noises to pull in audiences to the theatres this Diwali. Considering the oft-repeated idea that the evil has to be strong for the good to come up triumphant, the superhero in the third instalment of the franchise has an army of mutants to fight and vanquish, before calm and peace can be restored once again. Bombay Times catches up with the principal cast. Excerpts... 


Hrithik Roshan 


The actor plays three roles in this franchise — Rohit, the genius, his son Krishna and superhero Krrish. Taking ahead the story, everything is going hunky-dory for Rohit, Krishna and Priya till the emergence of a new evil force, led by Kaal and Kaya, creates havoc. Says the actor, "Once in a while comes a film that tests the extent of your extreme potential. Once in a lifetime, a vision so magnificent gets embedded so deep into your core that it fires every cell in your body with such enthusiasm and excitement that you're willing to break down and charge against every obstacle, every wall that says 'you can't' and burst through it because all you can see at the end of the road is that little signpost that says 'VICTORY'." Calling Krrish 3, one such journey, Hrithik adds, "This journey was meant to be... because I believe I had to find the Krrish inside of me to fight my own personal barriers in my life. It has resurrected a new life force in me, a force for good. My name is Hrithik Roshan, today that name points to the true me... the Krrish inside of me."


Priyanka Chopra 


She reprises the role of Priya Mehra, a news channel reporter, in this part too. The actress says, "I have very strong memories attached to the Krrish franchise. I was a novice in the film industry when I was signed up for the movie. It was a huge film, yet Rakeshji and Hrithik took such good care of me and taught me so much. This instalment is very special and, in a sense, a continuation of the journey that began with the previous film. I loved being a part of both films and I am looking forward to much more." 


Vivek Oberoi 


The actor calls Kaal, the character he plays in the film, "a true Indian super villain," adding that what he loves about him is that he is the "prince of darkness." He explains, "Kaal is royal and aristocratic. He's someone who has created his own world because he's angry at humanity for what they did to him. He wants vengeance. This is the first time I play someone who has dark shades." For the first time in Indian cinema, a super villain is creating an army of mutants. Kaal takes his DNA and mixes it with that of animals to create mutants — maanwars, as he calls them, a mix of maanav and jaanwar — with special powers. Vivek says he worked twice as hard to prepare for this role. "The kind of person I am — very happ —, Kaal is the opposite end of the spectrum. In between shots, I'd go to my vanity van, switch off all the lights, look into the mirror and stare into the eyes to psyche myself to see that flicker of evil in my eyes. Then I'd put on my blinders and shoot, not interacting till the shot was okayed," explains the actor. As for the experience of working with the Roshans, Vivek says, "It was a dream come true. The kind of energy Rakeshji exudes, and me playing a character that he'd written with me in mind, were very inspiring. His level of passion — hunger on the sets, to go out and make films, to reach higher — inspired me to give my 300 per cent." As for Hrithik, the actor adds, "Hrithik is very large-hearted as an actor. He believes in teamwork and has this ability to reach out and make you feel appreciated. That's what made this journey special for me." The actor was kicked to play a villain soon after his comic role in Grand Masti. "After the hit of my last, a comedy film, to return in another avatar as the daddy of all baddies, gives me a great high. To play such a super villain in such a superb film with such fantastic people, like Rakeshji, Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana, is an extreme high." 


Kangana Ranaut


The actress plays Kaya, a mutant, with special powers. She can fight like an animal and can transform into any person in a moment. "The character has so many interesting shades to it," says Kangana, adding that initially she wanted to give an androgynous look to Kaya, but the director had already made up his mind. "Rakeshji said he wanted Kaya to look very desirable, such that people come to the theaters and fall in love with her." Talking about the producer-director, she continues, "Rakeshji had made a previz — an animation of the film — before we started shooting. When you have a director who is so sure, you feel a different kind of confidence. He'd even decided the beat and pace of the film, so there was no compromising on his vision. This is what Indian cinema should achieve — organisation and discipline like that." As for her co-stars, Kangana says, "Priyanka is full of energy all the time. I had amazing conversations with Vivek, from movies to food to relationships. And Hrithik is a wonderful person, who understands everyone's emotions. It's very easy to discuss issues with him as he'd come up with solutions." The actress sums up, "I feel proud of working with Rakeshji, who started this science fiction genre. We're doing it on such a huge scale. It's going to start a new era for our industry." 


Rakesh Roshan 


"For any filmmaker, every movie he makes is important to him. He puts in hard labour for two to three years and wants to see the result... how the audience takes to his vision and perception of the story. Krrish 3 is a very costly movie and I didn't want to waste any money or time. So we made a previz of it on animation and shot it accordingly. It's our good effort; we've chosen a different path. I hope it shows a different light." 


Krrish 3, produced by FilmKraft Productions, releases November 1.