Hrithik travels 12 hrs by road for Bang Bang

Published On: 2019-08-05

Author: Prashant Singh

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Hrithik undertakes long road journey for Bang Bang


Source: Hindustan Times 

Date: February 04, 2014 


He had to be in Shimla to shoot for Bang Bang, but Hrithik Roshan was in Mumbai for a day, to attend younger son Hridhaan’s sports day. And to make sure that he reached the sets on time, the actor took up a long journey by road. On Saturday evening (February 1), he took a flight to Delhi, from where he would fly to Chandigarh. “But when he reached Delhi, all the flights got cancelled due to heavy fog. Instead of waiting around, he decided to travel for around eight hours by road to reach Chandigarh,” says a source close to the actor. Once in Chandigarh, Hrithik rested for three-four hours and hit the road again. It took him four hours to reach Shimla. “He didn’t want to get late for the first day of filming (February 3). He reached Shimla the evening before the shoot. He worked out and did extensive rehearsals for his action sequences,” adds the insider. He may have made it to the sets on time, but Hrithik undertook the road journey against doctors’ advice, following a brain surgery last year. The insider says, “Road trips can lead to bumps and jerks, which aren’t good for his health. He has been asked to avoid them.” Despite repeated attempts, Hrithik couldn’t be reached for a comment.