Silence please

Published On: 2019-09-29

Author: Roshmila Bhattacharya

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Silence please!


Source: Mumbai Mirror 

Date: August 20, 2014 


When Hrithik Roshan returned to the set of Bang Bang after undergoing a surgery for a head injury he had sustained during the first schedule in Thailand, he was warned by the doctors to avoid getting exposed to any kind of jarring noise. Confirming this, the actor told Mirror, "I could not tolerate loud sounds at that point. And it was amazing how this fantastic crew went about putting together such big action set-ups without making any noise." The unit had been forewarned and they ensured that no one raised their voices while Hrithik was on the set. Even the volumes of the walkie-talkies were turned down and while picturising songs, the music would be kept on mute. Hrithik adds, "It's funny, I have done the entire shoot with ear-plugs on. If an actor standing behind me had a dialogue and I had to react to it, I would have someone wave a flag in front to get the timing right. I am grateful to the crew for their resilience." On their part, the unit was bowled over by the actor's professionalism. Says a source, "He did not cancel a single day's shoot or create any kind of fuss on the sets. He had just undergone a major health scare yet he was perfectly normal on the sets. His energy never flagged and he never demanded any extra attention from anyone. It was all work for Hrithik."