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Published On: 2019-10-10

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Hrithik Roshan drives F1 car out of the circuit


Source: TOI 

Date: Sep 01, 2014 


Siddharth Anand claims that as far as action sequences go, he hasn't just pushed the envelope but torn the said envelope with his upcoming film 'Bang Bang'. In the film's first teaser, one can see leading man Hrithik Roshan manoeuvring a car through a busy street. And it's no ordinary car. It's one of the two Formula 1 cars which come out of Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Circuit and onto the city's beautiful promenade, akin to Mumbai's Marine Drive. "It's an intense, high-energy action sequence and this is the first time you will see a Hindi film hero driving a racing car on the streets," points out the director, who not only borrowed two prized F1 cars from the Abu Dhabi racing circuit, but also a team of mechanics on stand-by, ready for any glitch. "Hrithik was trained to handle the machine for the stunt because these cars are not like your regular four-wheelers. There are gears on the steering wheel and the power behind the bonnet and the throwback is very different. It's like letting a tiger loose on Linking Road," says Siddharth While Hrithik adds, "It is the best adrenaline rush I've ever experienced. And to experience it amidst the visually stunning and smooth road ways of Abu Dhabi was just incredible. What a rush." 


Siddharth convinced local authorities to stop traffic and block four miles of the busy road. However, he couldn't keep the spectators away. Both locals and tourists lined up on either side watching what looked like a Hollywood shoot to them. "There were the two cars roaring through 50 regular cars, brought in to emulate the traffic, and 150 crew members dashing around to ensure that the sequence went off without a hitch. Just the sound was a shock," the director recalls. Back in 1972, Feroz Khan played Ram Khanna, a Grand Prix driver in Apradh. The film's credits rolled over a Formula-4 race filmed in Germany. Remind Siddharth about this and he says, "Feroz Khan was a visionary filmmaker who was much ahead of his times. Even today we are emulating him. But this is the first time that an F1 car is racing against regular cars on the motorway, instead of a circuit." The film is an official remake of the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz starrer, Knight And Day. Were they replicating a sequence from the Hollywood hit? "None of the action sequences you see in the teaser or the film are copied from Knight And Day.We borrowed the germ of the idea from that film but there are no similarities in the plot, whatsoever," he asserts. "Even if you see that film a day before our film, you won't be able to find any references or be able to draw any parallels," concludes Siddharth.