Karen Goulekas is on board for Mohenjo-Daro

Published On: 2019-10-16

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Karen Goulekas is on board for Mohenjo Daro


Source: Times of india 

Date: Sep 12, 2014 


Following the addition of Oscar-Award nominated and Emmy-Award winning Costume Designer April Ferry to the crew, Ashutosh has roped in one more Hollywood specialist. Award winning VFX Supervisor Karen Goulekas will take over the VFX reigns for Mohenjo Daro.Karen, who has won two BAFTA Awards for Best Visual Effects, first for The Fifth Element and for The Day After Tomorrow. She has also worked on films such as Apollo 13, Godzilla, Spider-man, 10,000 BC and more recently The Green Lantern, Looper and Don Says Karen, "Ashutosh is an amazing story-teller with a beautiful vision for Mohenjo Daro. And now our challenge, as his creative team, is to do whatever it takes to get that vision up on that big screen for audiences to share and enjoy." Ashutosh too was happy with the kind of experience and expertise Karen would lend to the ambitious project, "I am super excited to have on board VFX Supervisor Karen Goulekas, who created those astoundingly calamitous effects in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and 10000 BC. I feel fortunate to be working with her on Mohenjo Daro and I'm sure this is going to prove a tremendous learning curve for me in the limitless world of VFX." Mohenjo Daro is a love story, set during the Indus Valley Civilization starring Hrithik Roshan.The film will go on floors in October 2014.