Hrithik to speak in different voices for Kaabil

Published On: 2020-01-06

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Hrithik Roshan to speak in different voices for Kaabil


Source: Bollywood Hungama 

Date: May 24,2016 


In his new film Kaabil, we hear Hrithik Roshan plays a blind man who impersonates various voices of the characters in the film. Says a source from the project, "Hrithik has to speak in the voices of various characters in the film including Ronit Roy and Sonu Sood. It's part of the script. He's now undergoing voice training for this purpose." I spoke to the film's sound designer, the very accomplished Resul Pookutty about Hrithik's vocal virtuosity in Kaabil. He explained, "Yes, Hrithik Roshan has to speak in voices of other characters in the film. We had the option of getting his voice dubbed by the actors whose voices Hrithik is supposed to speak in. But a far more credible option is to use Hrithik's own voice to sound like these characters. This is what we are trying to do." An actor speaking in the voices of other characters has never been done before. This would certainly be a new revolutionary move for an actor to assume multiple personalities.