When Chitrita met Hrithik..

Published On: 2012-12-06

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When Chitrita met Hrithik...


Source: TOI 

Date: October 6, 2006 


Whoever said that superstars are arrogant and snooty must meet actor Hrithik Roshan. The newest Bollywood sensation — model-actor Chitrita Mitra from Kolkata, will tell you why. “I’m a die-hard Hrithik fan. He’s one of the finest actors that Bollywood has ever produced.” 


Then Chitrita went on to narrate her meeting with the Krrish star at a family get-together. The moment the host introduced Chitrita to Hrithik, he warmly told her, “Best of luck for your forthcoming film Marathon.” So does the young actor wish to do a movie with Hrithik? “Look, let’s not get too ambitious! But at the same time, who would not want to work with Hrithik?” said Chitrita. 


And where does Chitrita think she stands in Bollywood? Well, the way things are moving, Chitrita could be the newest sensation in Bollywood! The youngster has just been signed by director Sangeeth Sivan for one of his forthcoming films. “Chitrita had come to the premier of my movie, Kya Kool Hain Hum. She had that uncanny freshness on her face. I had decided to cast her in one of my movies,” said Sivan who has now signed for some big banner movies including that of Subhash Ghai, Firoz Nadiadwala and K Sera Sera et al. 


Talking about Marathon, she said, “The film’s about the marathon and how each character strives to win it.” Meantime, Chitrita has signed three big banner movies, but which have been kept under close wraps. “Acting was always in my blood. But I have never rushed things. It’s better to wait for a right film-maker and the right movie,” said Chitrita, whose father Ranjan Mitra is a well-known painter now settled in Mumbai. Chitrita has also done a few prestigious modelling assignments and recently was chosen as the brand ambassador of Lotus Ornaments (Samir Shah, the owner was cofounder of d’Damas). 

Chitrita has been honoured with the Hum Log Foundation as the Most Promising Face award and Lions Club Gold award. Her hobbies include listening to music and singing. All the best Chitrita for your endeavours!