Hrithik looking for a bro-in-law?

Published On: 2012-12-07

Author: Aditi Jayakar Kane

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Hrithik looking for a bro-in-law?

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Date: October 11, 2006

By: Aditi Jayakar Kane



His sister Sunaina is keen on finding true love


If all goes well, Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina may soon find the man of her dreams. Scarred by two bad relationships in the past, has not deterred her from seeking love again. "I want a man like Hrithik to be my husband," she says. Ask Sunaina why she is not accompanying her sister-in-law Susanne and mother to the Bachchan's house for the karwa Chauth celebrations and she says, "I have to find a man to keep Karvachauth for, first!"


It was just last year when things seemed to be falling into place for Sunaina. After ending an eight-year-long bad marriage, Sunaina had got engaged to a Detroit-based NRI called Nick Udaysingh. "That was a big mistake," she says. "Two days after my engagement in Detroit, my family got to know that the man was having an affair with his brother's wife. It's funny, but I had sensed it, and even told my dad. It was only later that a relative confirmed it."


The experience has changed Sunaina's perspective on a lot of things. "Before that, I always wanted to marry outside India. But after that incident, my entire family was shaken, and now I'll never marry outside the country," she says.


Sunaina has also stopped believing in pundits and astrologers, something she used to depend on heavily before. "It's all about your destiny," she says. "Earlier, I used to visit some pundit or the other everyday. The best ones said that I would get married by last December, but it didn't happen. I believe only God knows and if it's in my destiny I'll surely find the man who is meant for me," she says.


What kind of a partner is she looking for? "All I want is a down-to-earth, simple guy, who loves me a lot. I don't want a rich guy, for they are all spoilt. My mother married my father when he was an assistant and was struggling. Money comes and goes, but love and values remain. I have everything that money can buy, but what I don't have is love," she says.


Meanwhile, Sunaina is living life to the fullest. "I have a wonderful family, a beautiful daughter and now Hrehaan who's like my son. I don't believe in the word 'in-laws'. Susanne is really like my sister and I have an amazing time chatting with her. We decorate the house during Diwali and Ganesh chaturthi together. I don't even feel the need to go out to socialise, as so much is happening right here," she says.


Sunaina sees big changes in her brother now that he's turned dad. "Duggu's more patient and mature now. He's a really great dad. When Susanne had been to Italy for a week recently, the baby slept with me. So Duggu would wait patiently in the morning to see him and ask 'has he woken up, didi?' she says.