Hrithik plays dubbing artist in Kaabil

Published On: 2020-02-24

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Hrithik plays dubbing artist in Kaabil


Source: DNA India 

Date: Oct 5, 2016 


Hrithik Roshan’s character in Kaabil is required to speak in many voices —Amitabh Bachchan’s famous baritone included. And the younger actor nailed it. Says a source close to the actor, “When Hrithik did a voice imitation of Big B, he was so uncannily close to the original that everyone on the sets assumed that sound designer Resul Pookutty had somehow engineered the voiceover.” 


Hrithik’s character Rohan Bhatnagar in Kaabil is a blind man who lives a normal life in the city much like many others there and earns by being a dubbing artiste. Apart from Mr Bachchan’s voice, Rohan is seen mimicking other celebrities as well.” Mimicry happens to be one of Hrithik’s hidden talents. Hence, the actor insisted that his voice wouldn’t be dubbed by a mimicry artiste. 


Says the source, “Hrithik and sound designer Resul decided to take up the challenge of making HR do the voice impersonations himself. It’s worked wonderfully.” Says Hrithik, “I guess this is just a reflection of the kind of impact Mr Bachchan has had on my generation, and of course, the fact that hard work equals results.”