How the Goat found his sure footing...

Published On: 2012-12-08

Author: Martin D'Souza

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How the Goat found his sure footing…

By: Martin D'Souza

Source: TOI

Date: October 13, 2006


From sweeping floors on sets to becoming India’s first superhero, it’s Hrithik Roshan’s determination and ambitious spirit that has always been his strength


Neither Hrithik Roshan nor his father, Rakesh Roshan, expected the mass hysteria that followed the release of his first film Kaho Na… Pyar Hai. This truth was manifested when on January 14, 2000, just four days after completing his 26th birthday, Hrithik entered a cinema hall to attend the premiere of his first film. When he came in, some people recognised him. Nothing happened. But when the film ended, all hell broke loose. Hrithik was mobbed and thus began Hrithikmania that was to grip the nation for many months to come. The police had to come and escort him out of the cinema hall and away from a crowd of thousands. Hrithik had arrived. His foremost Capricorn trait of determination and ambition had paid off. The Goat had found his sure footing!


Determination and Ambition


At the age of 21, Duggu was diagnosed with scoliosis and was told that he would never be able to dance. He was also told that he would never be able to all the things a Bollywood hero was required to do. To top it, he had a stammering problem. But Hrithik was a determined lad and very ambitious at that. He wanted to be the best in what he was setting out to be. He fought hard to overcome his stammering and prepared himself extensively for his screen debut, taking acting, singing, dancing, fencing and riding lessons for years. He also worked hard on his diction and physical appearance. His bulging biceps on the posters of his first film sent the nation into fitness frenzy.


Family man


A Capricorn man is fiercely protective about his family and being married to one is like having dessert last forever. Relationships only seem to get better and more romantic with time. And this is very true of Hrithik. When his father was shot at, he wanted to quit the film business altogether. However, he had a change of heart. He is also proud of his wife Sussanne, who has been his childhood sweetheart. Like a true Capri, he took his time to marry and only after he had settled in his career did he take the vows. His family trait comes across when he says, “I am the person I am today primarily due to the fine example set by both my parents.”


Practical and Prudent


Once he set his mind on being an actor, Hrithik went about the task of learning the business from scratch, methodically. He worked for many years on the sets of his father, doing various odd jobs, sweeping the floor and even serving tea to the stars. There was a method to this madness of his! After Hrithikmania took the country by storm, he never let it affect his career. Firmly grounded, he was quoted as saying, “I am glad I have the intelligence to understand what is happening to me. If I allow myself to get affected by all this hype, I'll stunt my growth as an actor and be damned for life. I know that I still have a long way to go before I can even aspire to equal the achievements of any of the superstars. I know I am good at my job, and I am sure I will be damn good one day but right now, I also know how bad I can be.” Someday, Hrithik will reach the top of his special mountain. With the sure footing of the Goat, taking one solid, determined step at a time, it won’t be long before his dream, (“I can be the best James Bond there is,”) comes true. With determination and ambition like his, who knows, Hollywood may soon look India’s way for their tough man with a gentle heart!


















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