Hrithik can't let go of Kaabil

Published On: 2020-03-04

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Hrithik Roshan can't let go of Kaabil

Source: DNA

Hrithik Roshan is a method actor and whenever he does a role, he immerses himself into that character. So, while After Hrs reported that director Sanjay Gupta wrapped the shooting of Kaabil ahead of time, Hrithik now reveals that he has not finished shooting for the film. There is a shot of his hand — a close-up still — to be filmed, even though shooting has wrapped.

The actor reveals that he didn’t do the shot because that would mean that his work for the film has ended. He wants to remain in the Kaabil mode, till the film’s release date (January 26, 2017). The actor wants to prolong the Kaabil journey because playing a visually impaired person has been an experience that touched him in many ways.

A source reveals, “This one is extra-special because playing a visually impaired character was a new experience for him. He spent a lot of time with people who were blind since birth and with those who lost their eyesight as children. Meeting them really moved him. In fact, he was surprised when one of them said that he was a fan of Hrithik because he couldn’t understand how someone who has never seen him, can be a fan.”

The actor confirms, “This fan even took a selfie with me, and I found it sweet that he smoothened his hair and then smiled for the camera. I learnt so much by spending time with them. They are happy people. There is nothing bechara about them. And they don’t liked to be viewed like that. They go about their lives, just like us. During my research for the film, I heard of blind bodybuilders, lawyers, teachers, accountants, etc. And they do it all effortlessly. Observing them and spending time with them, helped me prepare for the role.”

Gupta is waiting for Hirthik to give him the go-ahead to shoot the one remaining scene.


The trailer of producer Rakesh Roshan’s Kaabil, directed by Sanjay Gupta is out. It stars Hrithik in a never-seen-before avatar. He is paired for the first time with Yami Gautam and their chemistry is palpable.The reactions to the trailer on social networks are validation that the film is one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2017. Besides the first-time jodi of Hrithik and Yami, the film also has Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy adding a sinister dimension.

The action that follows, thrills just as much as it chills. The vacant look in the normally animated greenish brown eyes of Hrithik who plays a blind man, about to avenge a personal loss, is noteworthy.

Hrithik Roshan has kept last shot of 'Kaabil' on hold

Source: Mid Day
By Mohar Basu

No production issues or superstition, Hrithik Roshan explains why he has kept the final scene of his upcoming film 'Kaabil' on hold

The film's shooting is done but for the final scene. No production issues or superstition, Hrithik is too attached to the project to let it wrap up already. He explains, "Very few times in an actor's career does he get a part that takes him through an entire gamut of emotions. 'Kaabil' was one such rollercoaster ride. There was laughter, tears, excitement and thrill. I am so attached to the film that I didn't want it to end. We haven't shot the final scene yet. I told Sanjay [Gupta, director], to keep it for later."

In the film, Hrithik plays a visually challenged man who kicks ass. He says the general perception of people with disabilities is quite sketchy. "So far, Hindi cinema, barring a few films, has largely shown blind people as helpless, looking for support."

Hrithik recounts how a visually impaired fan called Sanjeev located his house all by himself. "He took the train, managed to get into a rickshaw and find my house. He had lunch with me and then asked for a picture. I was amused when he fixed his hair before we posed. Their sense of reality is much more heightened than ours. It isonly us, the physically able people, who count them as helpless," he says.

He admits that preparing for Kaabil was gruelling. He didn't have to learn Braille, but met scores of visually challenged people over a span of six months and studied their mannerisms. The action scenes were the toughest to pull off. "I rehearsed blind-folded to keep it real. In the trailer, there's a scene where you can see me jumping over a pit.

I pretty much risked falling down and breaking my back. But, I practiced every day till I cracked it. It is difficult to not feel scared when you are doing a film like this," he says, adding, "I think it is only after 'Guzaarish' (2010) that I have put in so much effort in getting the nuances of the character right. For a role like this, the risk of turning it caricaturish is fairly high."

The dance sequences weren't easy either although he's an accomplished dancer. "Ahmed Khan [choreographer] and I slogged for hours to ensure that it become one of the highlights of 'Kaabil'," he says.