Hrithik's plan of action

Published On: 2020-03-14

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Hrithik’s plan of action


Source: Hindustan Times 

Date: Nov 30, 2016 


Hrithik Roshan plays a blind man in his next film, Kaabil. A source reveals that the actor, in a bid to delve into his “challenging” role, had disappeared for four days right before the film’s shooting was scheduled to begin. Apparently, Hrithik wanted to understand “all the nuances” of the character right before he began shooting for the Sanjay Gupta-directed film. “Hrithik likes to prepare extensively for his roles. There are no half measures with him when it comes to getting into the skin of his characters. Knowing that walking, talking and dancing like a visually-impaired person was going to be a tough task, Hrithik booked himself a room in a five-star hotel in Juhu and locked himself away from the world. He didn’t meet anyone during this period,” says the source. Hrithik has gone through similar drills in the past to understand the psyche of his characters such as Rohit Mehra’s part in Koi... Mil Gaya (2003) or Ethan Mascarenhas in Guzaarish (2010). “Hrithik had cut himself off from the outside world to prepare for his roles before the shooting for these movies as well,” adds the source. Hrithik couldn’t be reached for a comment.