Hrithik invited to speak at Oxford

Published On: 2020-08-23

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Hrithik Roshan invited to speak at the prestigious Oxford Union


Source: By - TNN 

Date: Aug 19, 2019 


Riding high on the success of his latest release Super 30, Hrithik Roshan has been invited by the Oxford Union, a historically acclaimed student society at Oxford University, in Great Britain. Elated over the invitation Hrithik shares, ‘I am extremely delighted that not just in India, but people overseas are also appreciating the hard work we have put in Super 30 my responsibility to spread as much inspiration, happiness, and knowledge as I can through the cinema I do and even, through interactions. The movie is about a selfless man who is spreading the word of knowledge and education and making people’s lives better. Thanking audiences in India and abroad, I look forward to meeting the students at this prestigious Union. 


Recognising his global appeal and his achievements with Bollywood films, the Union has extended the invitation letter to the actor to come and speak at their University and interact with the students. Founded in 1823, the Union is the largest society at the University of Oxford and one of the most famous student societies in the world. In the past they have hosted the likes of Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Mark Hamill and Sir Ben Kingsley, to name a few. Best known for his incredibly striking and nuanced roles in a variety of films, Hrithik Roshan has cemented his place in Bollywood history. Reportedly, Many of the members of the Oxford Union are huge Bollywood fans or aspiring actors themselves and are looking forward to hearing the actor narrate the tales and inspirations behind his rise to superstardom.