Two to Tango

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Two to Tango

Source: TOI

Date: November 17, 2006


Well, you know what happens when the superhero of Bollywood meets the superhero of cars? That makes a tango! Makes you wonder, doesn't it? But it's a fact. When we came to know how much of Porsche ran through actor Hrithik Roshan's psyche, we couldn't but help ask him to pose next to the superstar of sportscars. And surprise, surprise, he agrees without batting an eyelid.


The Krrish's car


So we lined up a black Cayman S to sit squat next to our own Indian superhero. Which brought us to the question on why our desi superhero doesn't have a supercar? Yes, flying around is obviously the easiest thing to do but "chicks love the car" as Batman Val Kilmer put it to Nicole Kidman.


"It's because Krrish is still fighting his own battle against the wrong done to his family. I guess, when he dons the mantle of fighting for the world, which will happen eventually, the gizmos, gadgets and cars will happen," says Hrithik with a sly smile.


Pajero and Merc are Passe


For many years, the Mitsubishi Pajero was the most preferred mode of transportation for Indian movie stars because it was easily available. With the introduction of new cars like the Mercedes M Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, Range Rover and Porsche's Cayenne, that seems to be fading out.


Hrithik is among the first buyers of the Cayenne in India. It's been with him for some time now, alongside a Jaguar S-Type. And yes, he drives his Cayenne a lot. "Everytime I'm going home from a shoot, I drive," admits Hrithik. "It's only while going to shoots that I don't as I am concentrating too much on the work ahead."


Think of Porsche, think of Roshan


But think of Porsche and the first thing to come to mind is the 911. And although Hrithik would love to have one, the Cayenne love story happened.


"I first saw the car in London and I was just so glued to it," he says. So back in India, when he was offered one, there was no hesitation of hoisting himself in.


Wheel Freak


Now Hrithik isn't exactly a techno freak but cars have always been an area of special interest. It's the driving experience and speed that drives him. So even though he has that 3.2-litre 250BHP V6 under the hood he is more enthralled by the fact that it is also capable of going from a dash to 100 in just 9.1 seconds.


But there's a word of caution. "It's very easy to be fast but the important thing is to be smooth." His close aides swear that if you were to close your eyes sitting next to him in the car, there's no way you can feel the speed.


Zooooming Ahead


So what's the fastest he's driven? It's close to 250kph (nopes, it wasn't a Porsche but a three-pointed star).Where? "You want me to reveal that?"


Nevertheless, we'll give you a hint. It was a modern highway and he stays in Mumbai! Okay, so there are no prizes for guessing the answer. "But you got to understand that the idea is to be within the limits of yourself and the vehicle you are driving."


Superman's Solid Car


Now the Cayenne isn't exactly about speed, but Hrithik says he felt it was the most practical choice among Porsches. "It looks solid, has good ground clearance and I can even raise the suspension height to get over a bad bump. Perfect."


Getting down to the shoot with the Cayman S, and we can't help but notice a change in demeanor. The poses come naturally. "So how fast does this go?" 275KPH. "That's a 0-100 figure of…?" Around 5.4 seconds. "Really! How much?..." You probably guess what's going on in his mind. Maybe, just maybe, we could have contributed to Porsche's annual India sales.


Forget Batmobile. Krrishmobile anyone?