Hrithik is finally getting his due: Rakesh Roshan

Published On: 2012-01-02

Author: Diganta Guha

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Hrithik is finally getting his due: Rakesh Roshan

Source: HT

By: Diganta Guha

Date: November 22, 2006


He is in no mood to bask in the glory of the success of Krrish, which is among the highest-grossing movies at the box office this year. Now, he wants to focus on something unique.

“That’s where the challenge of a director lies,” says director Rakesh Roshan, when we catch up with him for a chat.

There have been reports of Krrish 2 in the media. Is that accurate? “No, nothing of that sort. I need my own time to think of an idea and then work on it. It is quite an uphill task,” says the maker of films like Khudgarz, Khoon Bhari Maang, Karan Arjun and Koi Mil Gaya, who was in town for an event.

Rakesh Roshan is all excited about Hrithik's role in Dhoom 2.

Two hits in a row. Has that added to his responsibility as a filmmaker? “Responsibility is always there. It’s been there since my first film. That should be the key to your functioning. I believe in not letting success go to my head and moving on,” says Roshan, adding that one has to constantly take note of what the audience wants, which is why, “I give a lot of time to myself”.

Son Hrithik Roshan is back with a bang with Krrish. With Dhoom 2 slated to release next week, expectations are piling up.

“I haven’t seen Dhoom 2 but to me Hrithik has had the same level of commitment and sincerity as he used to when he was my assistant director. I have never advised him on anything. He is sensible and knows what he wants,” says Roshan.

But like a proud father Roshan is delighted that his son is signing the Rs 25 crore deal with Adlabs, making him the highest priced actor in Bollywood. “It’s not a question of money. It is a question of producers actually acknowledging his calibre as an actor and giving him his due and honouring his remuneration.”

Roshan is positive when it comes to assessing the current scenario in the film industry.

“I think Bollywood is passing through a great phase compared to last year. There has been a huge improvement in terms of content, most of the films have done well, almost all the producers have got their films released, so there is reason enough to smile,” winds up Roshan before saying good night.