Hrithik is The Next Superstar

Published On: 2013-01-01

Author: Ali Peter John

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Hrithik is The Next Superstar

Source: Movie Talkies

Date: November 29, 2006


The industry, the media and the masses are always waiting for a superstar. They have always created one and carried him on their shoulders as long as they want or believed the superstar should be carried. They give some of them a long life. They give others time till they don’t get on their nerves because of their standing as superstars. They have dumped some of the best of them whenever they have behaved in ways other than the ways they want them to and left them to fight their own battles to survive and then look for other superstars.


There have been times when there have been more than one superstar like there was the time when the trio of Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor ruled. There was a time when there was just one Rajesh Khanna. Then there was a superstar like Amitabh Bachchan who is a superstar among superstars even after 30 years. There is Shah Rukh Khan, the King or Baadshah Khan as they call him now but the King has suddenly found competition. For a time it looked like there would be a tough competition between Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan and there were bets laid on who would emerge the winner at the end of the year but with Dhoom-2 Hrithik has clearly emerged as the superstar today and for a long time to come.


Hrithik has been a very careful and cautious player. He proved that he was a star with his very first film Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, which was a golden jubilee hit. He proved that he was a bigger star who was also a very good actor in Koi Mil Gaya. He showed the first major signs of being a superstar when he grew into a cult figure with Krrish. And now with Dhoom-2 he has just sailed through and staked his place and even claimed it as the next superstar. There are experts who claim that he has taken the place of the King. This talk started when Hrithik was the first ever star to sign a 36 crore contract for three films with a leading corporate company, a fact that took the industry by storm.


His performances, his personality and the élan and ease with which he has carried himself in a daringly different role for the Hindi film hero and despite the competition from Abhishek, the other contender for the throne, he has made his intentions clear without making any overtly and conscious efforts.


Hrithik has all the other qualities that go to make a superstar. He has the patience. He has hardly had ten releases during his less than ten-year-old career. He has steered clear of all controversies and gossip. He is unanimously accepted as the most well-behaved, disciplined and knowledgeable star. He is in no hurry to grab films. Surprisingly he has just one film on the floor, Jodhaa Akbar when other stars of his generation have them by the dozens. “I always knew Hrithik would make it big and I am happy that he has proved me right. He is the biggest young star today, you can call him the next superstar who can take on challenges even from Hollywood and give some of the best actors a run for their money,” says the showman, Subhash Ghai who worked with him in one of his early films, Yaadein. So, isn’t it time to welcome the new superstar and give him the place he has earned for himself?